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He thought he could get away with it. He he's pissed off because he he got caught. He knows robert. Moore's asked the guy who does website you know. It's clearly obvious. And i asked him ohio. Robert were murdoch works on your website. He says no no. He has nothing to do with it. He's just another member that that that. And i know it's complete bullshit i know there's only there's only one person there's only one sick mind would create this expert skill index on missile command. The way that it's been done and it's got robert. Moore's ex signature all over it. You know so i know it's him. You know the interesting thing is. We spoke to so many people from the old and new testament galaxies. And nobody likes sean chase hall. Nobody a nice guy. everybody is saying to us. They hate us all. you know. that's the one thing you're all have in common. Nobody likes him. You know he's between a rock and a hard place because he he he i mean. He's the owner of twin galaxies. He was doing well when when guinness world records recognised but now that he's not recognized by guinness. It's a whole different game. You know the recognized by guinness is is is is is majorly important to his success. And now he doesn't have it anymore. See what happens. I mean i mean at at london's the one positive thing about chasana discussing you already have me discussing that. That guinness world records that the right thing and in putting back billy mitchell's records right. Yes from the last record but now we are doing about that again. Nyc sure Yeah well he did the right thing. I mean guinness world records like when they took his score when when when it was appeared in the guinness book of records. They took his dog his donkey kong scores in his pacman. I immediately called up and said that that shouldn't have been done. It's it was incorrect. I mean they don't they don't communicate with me but that's what i told them so It's it seems it seems like the right thing to do. I mean i don't think they're gonna come out and say well we'd never should have did it in the first place. It sits in the book. They're responsible for it. So i saw craig glenn. He had that that that that that thing on youtube where he tells everybody that he's reinstating. Billy mitchell scores and he said well we review the evidence. And we you know witnesses and everything. We've decided to reinstate his scores. He wasn't very specific about it. But i could probably probably said well. He didn't say well we never should've took them down in the first place because we were stupid enough to listen to guinness. I mean two twin galaxies. We never should have had a contract with anyway. We made a big mistake blah blah blah. Well obviously that's true because the twin galaxies along with them. So i mean that's probably one of the reasons. Why why they are because they didn't never should've never should've printed that and i told them i told them the minute i saw it. I sent them. I know a couple of guys there. And i sent an email and said this is this is nonsense. You're going to have to do something about it. i wonder i wonder hundred the The guinness book of records thinks stinks asylum. I do like this. Whole this whole mass. Yeah it really is. I mean these guys. I mean this guy i mean billy. Mitchell's crazy but robert. Moore's ex the worst. He's lost his mind because he got he got. He got thrown..

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