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And good health. We have time today to take some of your questions that that you've been asking on various social media platforms so let's let's dig into a few of them before we up for you. Get to your interview with Jason Todd Floor on twitter asks where does Biden sit in terms of cash on hand? Nobody's talking about this nor the huge money advantage. That trump has in the general. Well Todd we've been talking about it maybe not on the pied yet but we've been you have been texting nervously about it. So trump's money advantage is the most massive money advantage that anyone has ever had and we haven't even begun to talk about the Republican Super Backs. The Cook brothers and everyone else who will be engaging in this election. He raised a quarter billion dollars last quarter which is an ungodly amount of money. Biden had a very good fundraising quarter where he raised forty six million but there is a very well reported and quite disturbing New York Times article about Biden's fundraising which shows that that money mostly dropped off a cliff. Once the pandemic hit and people were sheltered at home and people can became very concerned about the crisis so you Biden as candidate who to date to date has been primarily offline freezer through. You know. He's He may raise more of his money than a bunch of the other mechanics through high dollar fundraisers and now. He is locked in his house unable to go to high dollar fundraiser. So it is a cause of immense concern. Yeah so If you're worried about. Donald Trump winning a second term You know if you can consider donating to Joe bought you know and people will say just that Hillary Clinton had way more money than Donald Trump. Two Thousand Sixteen and still lost and that is true job. I am does not need Donald Trump's money when he doesn't need more money he doesn't need as much money but he does need enough right he doesn't need to wipe away. Donald Trump's cash advantage. And he probably never will but he doesn't need enough money to run a great campaign right. Now that's right. Okay Ben Key via the phone. Some pundits are floating the idea of Biden going ahead and announcing key members of his cabinet. Do you think this is a good strategy? And he still won't come on the POD. I don't know someday. It is an available option for him. He can take it if he wants. If we love going to do everything we can do to help them. So that's right. Yeah we don't care either way. What do you think about? What do you think about the Tom Friedman strategy. There we are. We should say the Tom Friedman column which went around to way too. Many people that I know and came back to me was like you know Biden mission announce this big unity cabinet with you know. Republicans and AFC and everyone in between we should all SORTA like come together and hug and sing Kumbaya and all that kind of stuff. But I think there is a separate idea of just announcing whatever cabinet he would announce after he becomes president. I would say that time Friedman column came out when I was doing my book tour back when we travel. Oh Wow that was. That was five years ago. Six years ago two months two months ago and And I got asked about this column at Every Stop. I went to and the first time I got asked was in a bookstore and I- reflexively laughed hysterically. But here's the thing I will tell you. People who go to book events in bookstores really like Tom. Friedman look I'm sure my you know a lot of people I know and love and think very smart. Who Love Tom Friedman? To where just very fucking cynical adult. Just you know pundits that have been around for two off yes I I wanNA hear those words in my braid every night before I go to sleep for a month. Thank you I mean look I think the I think it is a good idea. I think it is worth exploring. Daming some of them you don't have to have to like roll out the SBA administrator now by the but I think it may be a administrator with all the small business gonNA unfair to the SBA. I apologize but I think there's like it. It's always sounds like one of those terrible ideas that people suggest without any context of reality and so I'm hesitant to endorse it myself. But so if he announced someone who we announce the Treasury Secretary designate era designate. That would give people an image of you of what his government looks like. It may help with some constituencies some questions about whether how progressive he was going to a all the time on twitter which is reality people saying did. Joe Biden is GonNa Point Jamie Dimon to be his secretary Which is obviously not going to do and so like you could quell some of that. I think it's an additional circuits to zoom chats. Right now I think the surrogate point is well taken I also think my mind often goes to something. Biden said towards the end of the primary where he told the crowd you know. I see myself as a bridge to the younger generation. Right which is very self-aware thing to say that he knows he's you know can be president at seventy seven years old And that the Democratic Party is becoming younger and more progressive. He understands that and I think he could show that by sort of announcing a cabinet that is That is part of the next generation right that represents the next generation and by the way I think you know. Obama did this to an extent during the economic crisis when he talked to a lot of sort of economic experts. And obviously there's a whole debate about who he chose that we don't have to go into right now but I think is particularly around the economic crisis and this was a point that our pals made on our show hacks on tap David axelrod that like announcing economic team specifically would actually help because it would show sort of exude competent. Send like you have a group of people who can help get the country through the crisis now. I do think if you do that. There's a premium on selecting people who are not just like smart economy people but also you know progressive's and people who are going to send a signal to a lot of constituencies that Joe Biden is going to take sort of helping the middle working middle class and the poor seriously so I think that would be okay idea. This is the hill. I'M GONNA die on Katie Puerto for Treasury Secretary. I love it I love it. Great Messenger. Sumer Advocate Bridge. The next generation just is such a no brainer to me. Doesn't doesn't Take Elizabeth Warren out of the Senate. Which is you know that because Elizabeth Warren for Treasury Secretary also great but neither Senate. Okay some fun stuff. Anthony Orlando on twitter asks. Let's get to the important stuff. What's in your quarantine binge-watching rotation do you WanNa tell us John when you've been washing? Yeah we've been watching too hot to handle. Here's my here's my thing. In general in non pandemic times I tend to not watch Content that will make me more anxious than the news already. Does I do watch some of it but it usually a high bar because I feel anxious all day reading twitter and reading the news so I usually like to watch more mindless stuff or comedy. I hadn't even tougher time with all of that. In the pandemic. I can't focus on really good high quality television so we've been looking for sort of silly our stuff to watch and early came across to handle. I met flakes which is a reality. Do you WanNa give everyone the plot. Yes I'm going to. I'm about to punch of very attractive. People that they put on an island from all over the world who aren't allowed to have sex with each other or even kiss each other or else they lose some prize money and that's it man. That's the plot and you just see what happens and it is It is wild S- then there are some. There are some fascinating people. That's all I'll say about that I am sure that before this quarantine ends and mid twenty twenty three. We will have watched too hot to handle it is. You would always watch the same garbage reality shows that that we have been. We've actually been watching obviously below deck ceiling. Which is excellent. I guess so. We're very very enjoyed. That top chef is on and I would tell anyone who was looking for something really enjoyable to binge is. Go Watch all seasons a top chef. Okay I haven't watched should have is amazing and you do in this environment to get past the fact that is almost like a period piece because a lot of people eating and eating establishments which is not something that we call. It's like watching people have to use a payphone in a movie from the eighties. It's very very disconnecting for life. We have been watching Miss America on. Hello I WANNA watch. The which is great is really great. We watched the first couple upsets. We also watched also on. Hello little fires everywhere to be surprised even though you had told me in advance a cameo from your brother. That's right any favorites thanks. That's right yeah it was but she definitely told me and I definitely forgot and I looked up for my phone and your brother was on my TV. Which has happened before but it was. It was out of context there and then to anyone who loves sports I finally got around to watching the first two episodes dance. I really WANNA watch. Yeah it's really great and I mean it's phenomenal. Like that is like my exact era a basketball because I like one of the first. My first basketball memory is being allowed to stay up to watch the North Carolina. Georgetown Game With my dad and that shopping made the Jordan made. So like that's the beginning of my bass box through everything so it's it. It would be phenomenal robot. Sports was allowed to exist. But one of the questions from Lindsey Zinger was questioned for Dan. How are you coping without the NBA? Because I need tips. I'm guessing last I will. I will last dance fulfills that I think The Earl of the ring have been doing this very fun. Podcast series where they redraft all the previous rafts of Ura basketball draft nerd. That's fun yeah but I will also say that as a sixers fan. This season has been so stressful. That I don't think I could survive the pandemic with the sixers not ever scoring out of the pick and roll like it would be more than I could possibly take and so there. Is this like weird sick relief that I don't have to be mad about? I could never live in a world brandon. What's trumps programs for two hours and then turn on. Sixers road game like that would be more than I can. That's that's rough. Caroline Hicks asks. Can you guys chat about the Mark Warner Tuna Sandwich debacle from Internet? That was I heard a lot of people talking about it and I was like what is it making a big deal out of the guys just making tuna sandwich and then I watched it and I was just I mean for those of you haven't seen it. I don't know why Mark Warner decided he needed to do this. Ensure this with the world but he made it tuna sandwich like he dumps the tuna out on some bread with all the water. And from the can he squirts like ten times too much fucking. Mayo on the Sandwich. He slaps at a piece of cheese on IT and then he throws in the microwave for just thirty seconds..

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