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Hello there. I'm Mark Robins. We are into the night session of day three at the Australian Open and we've got to match one on right now. Edgeley Kerber the second seed for the ladies on the court right now is taking on an opponent after that'll be roughing it allegance Matthew evidence. One of the favourite sons from Australia those second round matches for those two number two sees earlier the men's two-time defending Cam Roger Federer beats British qualified Daniel Evans in straight-sets for federa like playing his younger self it feels like playing a mirror little bit. That was my mindset maybe going into a little bit. I would play myself potentially. And because he has a slice back and also on the return. That's how I play a lot, but he can serve and volley. So I may be just a little bit more size. And maybe my surf can help me just a touch more. Who knows maybe that was the difference today? I'm not sure veteran advances to a third-round matchup with American Taylor Fritz who upset thirtieth. She'd gail. Comfy in four sets. American francis. Theon pulled another surprise beating the fifth seed, Kevin Anderson of South Africa. Another four set victory on the lady side, we go back there for the third seed Caroline Wozniacki advancing with a straight-sets victory over Johanna Larsson of Sweden, and you can catch all the action of all the matches that are going on right now. ESPN's I the last ball coverage on ESPN two the ESPN app. ESPN plus top twenty five college basketball Tuesday. Number four Virginia. Very impressive at home. Not up. Ninth ranked Virginia Tech eighty one fifty nine. Coming up Wednesday. The problem for the patriots is they think they have doubters. But the bigger problem for the chiefs is that New England believes it plus reacting to the top two teams in the west facing off. And the warriors are number two. Golick and wingo, Wednesday, six eastern ESPN radio. ESPN two. First and last. And last on ESPN radio and on the ESPN app. I woke up this morning. I was feeling pretty dangerous. Noticed. There's like a handful of guys in the NFL. Guys, we hear from often.

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