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A small portion of the giant tax cut they got from Paul Ryan Donald Trump to sell the tax cut voters and as you can tell him worked up all of this and I have concerns about it I'm glad I was I've been worked up about it to some they're upset about super rich people getting we're recording this before the state of the Union but it's going to play after the state of the Union but guess what probably happened work before and I saw those like they always do this every year and it made sense in previous presidencies but it's like Oh you know the staff is finishing the speech and president trump is making this speech in any way we love parachute sheets win by the parachute store yesterday when we were all by tip almost went in and just tried to grab once again you know you're in New York yeah we went to a restaurant near there and so you have to drive by parachute anyway with a parachute dot com whatever whatever for free shipping and returns on parachutes very comfortable wedding in Bath Linens they offer sixteen trials if you don't love it just send it back pairs you home dot com slash crooked for free shipping and returns on parachutes very comfortable bedding and bath linens. parachute home dot com slash crooked pods of America it's brought to you by Seatgeek seatgeek buying tickets to sports and concerts can be complex confusing true the other day I got into a real real hornets nest of buying tickets interesting. I don't want to get into the details well I'll tell you what the ending was you realize that you had the SEATGEEK APP on your phone you opened it up in a couple of clicks taps whatever they got a fever from the struggle to buy tickets and they only carry is seeking suddenly you found everything very easily you got the.

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