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Hello and welcome to remain axe. I'm Ruth Taylor and I frankly got no idea where the labor is backing a second referendum, but enough of that for now this week we have an all women remaining acts and as he and done to his sapping me last night, it's well past time with me in the studio is one of our regulars actor writer remain EAC Ingrid, Oliver Ingrid. How are you. Very well. Thank you. This is going to be the first five minutes of bodyguards, Tim, anybody women. You had to go, it's you gotta get engaging with Brexit secretary Dominic Robb on Twitter this week. Did that work? Yeah, this is tricky one because basically I tweeted Donnette rob because it's I follow a couple of people on on Twitter. One of them is feature our choice and unfit future state which about youth groups are trying to find breakfast, I suppose, or a second referendum and dominate Robert blocked them. And now I don't. You have to be careful how much you believe in in Twitter and and how much people are actually onto wishes machine MP's and Dominic Robb may well not be on Twitter, but the fact is that either he or somebody who works for him decided to block these two groups, which is incredibly worrying, I think. And especially when you look at the people, he does fall on his Twitter feed and I've got lists of people. I've come prepared it, you know, like the the art. Brexit is Davis and under led some projects, hell we smaller than Johnson. Those the majority of the voices that he listens to on Twitter, inverted commerce. It's not. It's not that I'm saying that that's the people he's listening to, but it does worry me and he didn't respond saying it needs to get out his filter bubble, doesn't he? Yes, yeah, yeah. And our special guests this week is Rupa hook MP for ailing, central and Acton. A very warm, welcome to remain the axe. Thanks for having me. You've been in Liverpool at the labor conferences week, you squeezed in talks about air pollution, your hacking during a crisis universities, but quite not really what what was the highlight? Yeah, I did a good breakfast meeting because I think it's concertina time in those conferences kind of thing that you squish in a look sort of thing. And it was with a fence that could fit is the on what you hope in. The rest of it, but they have the suit of European version of the Fabian society, this sort of intellectual think donkey people and there were other MEP's on the panel. Yeah, I was the Westminster. I was the voice of Westminster. They're a couple of EMMY peas and some sort of professor of people in. Yeah, I'm not was sort of quite interesting. The experts say, having often move. Say what else is actually I had a selfie with you grow the, it's not really tragic to say that was up. No, that's great. Shooting. He's, he's been great. Basically, recently hasn't yet in? Yes. Fantastic. We're going to be doing our best to tease out labor stance on a second referendum will also be taking apart the Brexit tears, latest, trade we's, Jacob REEs more cooled. It super Kelly. Fraudulous toge- spiel don't Shas. Yeah, that super Kelly fretless to get really Toshiba's. He actually called it that need. I say more and to the Commissioner has had a go at the British press taking exception to the sons dirty rats. Headline last week personally, I've always thought of Michel Barnier is a very, very catty FOX rovner rat reaper. How would you? How would you describe Donald tusk. Yeah, he's gone bit of a sense of humor. Hasn't he? K. can is it's thing and he's with Dhamma the kids if he's on Instagram, because I sure I'm not. But and there was a picture of him ET an ice cream. Did you see that won't Russia, but his favorite flavor. Strange expression. You me with the cone? Yeah. All that. And more after these quick reminders from Ingrid, we've got more maniacs live news and this time it's not in London hurry. We taking the live show to these Stroud book festival on Wednesday, the seventh of November Stroud voted fifty, five percent remain in their friends. So we think will be among friends and I could have gone up obviously in the meantime, Ian and ROS plus regulars join in ski and Alexandru will be live and querulous.

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