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Oh, five it's Thursday August twenty. Third two thousand eighteen good evening I'm Mary him, so seventy seven. Degrees in Chicago under fair skies going down to a low of sixty three degrees tonight with an increase in clouds and a possible shower before dawn the complete AccuWeather five, day forecast coming up at first our top local story on NewsRadio WBZ PM jurors have convicted a second refuted gang member in the two thousand thirteen drive-by shooting that, killed king high. School honors student Heidi Pendleton WBZ Bob Roberts was. In the courtroom for the, verdict, this time, it was ideas father Nathaniel Pendleton who shouted for joy outside of the, courtroom, downstairs, is he declared. Justice served mother Cleopatra collie wept it is. Something that we've been waiting off Over Justice Man I just want to thank everybody that supported. Us that's been here for the last five. Years Well we've been going through ups and downs This. Is all good this is not Mickael awards mother said her son will appeal saying the prosecution's case did not fit, the facts in. That they consider the confession, false and coerced no date, is set. Percents, Bob Roberts NewsRadio one point nine FM Charges have been filed against a man who is suspected of doing drugs earlier this week while, is two sons. Drowned and they can't Keke, river Lake County Indiana prosecutor. Bernard Carter Shootouts wrecked overdependent resulting in depth all. One each, four let That Four years old And the other child is a, two year old Evan Each count all, individuals Dependent Prosecutors tell WBZ 'em that each count against thirty four year, old, Eric Patillo of, fair Indiana could result in up to forty years in. Prison mayor Emanuel and Chicago public school, officials, say mentoring and after school programs deserve the credit for the district's latest dropout. Data dropout rate has decreased by forty three percent since mayor Emanuel took office the one year dropout rate which reflects the number of students who drop out over the course of a given year as also reached an all, time low of six, point four. Percent the most significant improvements coming from African American. Student it means a young men and women aren't giving up on themselves anymore It means they believe they got a, tomorrow that's worth fighting for struggling. For and sacrificing for school CEO Janice Jackson and mayor Emanuel spoke about the numbers at the..

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