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Iron jeff schwartz former nfl alongside danny grades major league pitcher and ryan hollins ten years in the nba what's up fellas what's up brother i am i'm glad to be here dude we have as usual wide variety of topics today we'll get into that world cup have kevin eating on fifteen minutes to cover what's happening over in russia we'll talk mba kawhi leonard super team super teams good for for sports we'll talk some major league baseball will talk some nfl a report came out about snitching and that the nfl will reduce suspensions for guys a snitch we'll talk about that a fan of famous fan switched allegiances with lebron james go into lakers we will discuss all of that but i think we start with the world cup so i know danny and me are not the biggest world cup ryan are you a big hardcore soccer guy not hard core but i do enjoy a good match do i really know everything that's going on exactly but i'm i'm a i'm a fan like i like to feed at fellas i played some time in italy and in spain and i realize who the top dog in the road was because those soccer players will come into the same restaurants we would be in and it was a show and it was like who who these these little measly tall skinny basketball players you see this little five foot eight guy with the swarm of people around him heads like what is going on here so we will we will not be breaking down the games i will give you update with the semi finals are almost set france and belgium will play on tuesday and we have a england in the semifinal they already wanted today against sweden and right now russia and creche short halftime one to one the host country almost in the semis but think a lot of our tension around the world cup has really been to the us is not there and we obviously know they don't make it this year ratings are down a little bit around the us in in regards to watching the world cup but the action has been great that the people that do watch it have enjoyed the action and.

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