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And then this past season they go seven and nine sixty four percent completion percentage four thousand yards nearly forty one hundred twenty seven touchdowns thirteen interceptions. That's what the Vikings need right there. As good as case keenum was, I just don't think that he's at the level of Kirk cousins and he might be, but he's gotta do it for much more than one year. And now, like I said, going forward with the Vikings, I mean, they are the best team in their division. People might say, oh, what about the Packers? Deepak, Aaron Rodgers devante atoms Jimmy, Graham, Randall Cobb, the Vikings have a complete team. They're good at running back Delvin kooks going to be coming back from his ACL injury, and it seems that the Vikings are going to have big plans from as far as how they're going to run their offense. Like I said, you got digs dealing Groot off and you got a top five defense. This is probably the most second most complete team in the NFL. I'd say the Rams right now are the most complete team and NFL as far as pure talent and at each position. So now at the Vikings, just a point of. Like I said, it's Super Bowl or bust. Cousins has three years if he doesn't get to the Super Bowl once. And I say that this little project was a failed one. And I'm curious to, okay, Kirk has only spent about six years in the league. Let's see. He's currently twenty nine years old. He'll be thirty two. Once this contract is up. Actually, he's gonna be thirty at the start of the season turns thirty in August nineteenth. So he'll be thirty three. By the time it's contracts up and the Vikings are going to have a decision to make do we resign Kirk cousins and making them more quarterback for the rest of his career or do we move on? And I think you move on if you don't get to the Super Bowl. Because if you don't get to the Super Bowl, and like I said, this whole project with Kirk cousins become the Vikings, quarterback was a failed one. And I mean, you're giving them a whole bunch of money to to be your quarterback. So there's a lot of pressure writing on this team. I mean, like I said, Kirk cousins. His record with the Redskins was twenty six thirty and one. So he didn't really went too many ball games. But I mean, he didn't really have too much talent surrounding him. So I'd say he did the best with what he could there. And I'm assuming getting looking at his numbers, he threw twenty seven touchdowns passed season. He's gotta hit over thirty and I think he's gonna get over forty five hundred yards. This could be the best year of Kirk cousins career. I would not be shocked by that at all. So it's going to be real interesting to see what this team does. I mean, like I said, they still gotta do with the Packers Detroit's going to be much better. The bears are going to be much better. And like I say with the same problem as the falcons, I mean, you could make it to the Super Bowl or you could just miss the playoffs just because every team in the NFC seems to be improved. So we'll see what ends up happening with this team. I do think Kirk cousins was the right move, get signing him instead of bringing back Bridgewater or keenum, but it's just the point where, like I said, the expectations are high as they should be. He's got a fully guaranteed contract, and this is the best team by far he's ever played with as far as personnel and all that. So we'll see what ends up happening with the Vikings. I think they're going to win the division and would not be shocked at off. They end up winning the Super Bowl, Sarah, so we'll see about it, but we're going to wrap it up here. Next, we'll be talking about anything else going on. Indie will the football. So stay tuned and I'll be right back. Out this show built around the women of 'em from the UFC to the extreme cage fighting. We got the fights covered the Golden State media concepts women's MMA podcast. The latest news of of coming Feis discussions previous matches join us as we talked to in about the biggest names women's mixed martial arts past present and future with it's the women's fright game. You know, we're to listen to the Golden State media concept's women's MMA podcast..

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