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So, in those days, the drive in theater manager oftentimes booked the movies that we're going to play at the theater they. Received Sixteen millimeter trailers of of what was coming out and the you know you pick what would be the first and second feature you doing. If. It was a week for. First feature. You'd want to put a Clint Eastwood Movie. 'cause. You. Knew the audience in Utah would want to see a clint. Eastwood Movie. So you put this week or with the Clint Eastwood movie and. Have a better chance of filling the drive in. So one of the feature sets that I saw was the making of Oliver. Richard Lester Film. And and I realized that you know I thought that the people that I saw movies that they were actually doing the you know the Sean Connery was really a super super spy. You know agent for the British government and then I, realized that they were actress they were playing roles when I saw the documentary of the making of Oliver seeing these kids learning their lines and learning to dance learning to sing the songs and I thought Oh. Wow, that's what I'm supposed to be doing. So in Orem, Utah I started taking tap dancing lessons I joined the school's Glee Club and. Started, pursuing acting in if I can tell this really quickly I told my aunt take attack. Who? Was a survivor of the Harz Germany A. Hungarian to. To to escape, I should say to New York City with the dream of being an actor and was part of the the Actors Group Theater and So when I was about eleven or twelve years old told a alice sh- Meyer that I wanted to be an actor and she took me to a used bookstore and she bought me Stanislavsky's Constantine Stanislavsky's inactive prepares. Course I couldn't even pronounce Stanislav at. have any. Be Able to interpret what he was talking about in in the book but held onto it and I kept trying to read it trying to understand it and then as I told you the story that when I saw. Little big man I wanted to be a human being. So I I'm doing plays in school and singing dancing. And then I decided I'm going to move to New York City and take a run at at being an actor and I got a job working in a restaurant I was salad man than I was the pastry chef, the chef and and. I listened to the waiters and they were they would be talking about Ibsen and Chekhov in or Miller in Tennessee Williams, and I went oh my God. I want to go into a profession that I don't know anything about and so I asked one of the guys I said, where could I learn about all these playwrights where could get this education that you guys have and they said? You should go to Stella. Adler she'd really like you. So I got an audition to go and meet the famous Stella Adler I was sitting outside and they called me into the room and she turned around and she looked at me and she If. You've come here for me to teach you how to be a movie star. You should turn around and leave right now I don't teach that..

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