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Welcome to the roots of leadership with Anthony Grupo. When the topics that is actually attacking the earth workforce is out of millennials. We're GONNA bring back a show that I did was our loan. She talked about multi generations in the workforce. This is not just an issue that United States. But it's an issue. Happy the United Kingdom where show is handled now on on the roots of leadership with Marsh Commercial. I think you're going to want to listen to this. Show that I did was our alone. Because it impacts topic in the workforce that is prevalent across the world. The millennials see Anthony. Grupo roots leadership. You're gonNA love the show. I am honored today to have czar alone on the roots of leadership podcast podcast. Czar has recently been a CO author along with me on a block that we wrote the requiem of millennial the reason that we I feel extremely encouraged today to have this podcast is because this is something that everyone is struggling with the issue of labels calling each other. Akwa better word names so today. I'm here it's our alone. So are welcome to the show. Thank you so much anthony. I really really appreciate it. Says are just talk to us for a moment about the word millennial how you see it. I think the turmoil on AOL could be taken in a myriad of ways it kind of depends on the intention behind it I think that more more times than not when people use it in the workplace. It's kind of used with the negative connotation but I have seen people give a lot of credit to quote unquote the millennial all and where credit is due. I think so. What what do you think that the and I will use the word millennial just for a few moments today because you and I have such a disdain for art absolutely and as you wrote in our blog that sometimes it can be a barrier to looking at someone's greatness when when we first met and started talking and I I had a chance to look at your summer your writings? I saw a deep to you. Write a thought pattern of your intellectual capital. Where did where did that come from. When did you start to right. Well I think you anthony. I do appreciate that So I started writing from a very young age. I think that I grew up. My mom was a poet and a writer later. She published in Pakistan I think that I probably got the little creative gene from her But it's definitely something that has helped me reflect on my own life as well as give people a good perception as to where other people are coming from through writing. I know you mentioned about your your mom Being from Pakistan. And you know you've had some experiences were labels and perceptions report of of what made you who you are. Tell us about that absolutely absolutely so one of the reasons why I felt compelled to write this with you is because I've been labelled my entire life more or less. I grew up in New York City. Post nine eleven in a Catholic school and while I was in school in Elementary School. I was constantly called a label. I was Muslim or I was Pakistani. you know. When I moved abroad I moved abroad a couple years. Later at the start of my high school career And I immediately really shifted from the Muslim girl or the Pakistani girl to the American girl and I was never you know just Zara. It was always some sort of you know label that came with me being me. Yeah I think that that's something that was at the heart and the image of the blog that we wrote because as I listen. Listen to your story that something maybe not others have it as deep as you do but why do you think that people bull. Let's stay with the corporate world moment or even careers show. What do you think that people do that to others. Why why do they label. Well I think more often often than not it comes from a insecure some sort of insecurity some sort of deficiency that they feel within themselves. I'll talk a little bit more about the word millennial itself. I think that what happens. When somebody generally calls you know somebody who's a little bit younger in their professional career a millennial I think they kind of mean it as a term where where someone is being considered younger or naive like. They don't have all the experienced that in older like maybe more seasoned professional in workplace would have so I think that I think that it diminishes the credibility of a person when when we start using labels and again. I think that a lot of it comes from this fear of change this insecurity that people have that. Maybe they don't know as much as somebody who's younger or they know a lot more than it can go both ways. Yeah and I I I share that with you because I think that even even my peer group pray and you know you're you're twenty six sixty three that even in in my early part of my career we were labeled as well. We were the know. It alls had all the answers. You know that a lot of things that reset about us are said about you and I think that's why in our blog in today's podcast. We're trying to make a creating awareness out there that that this this is not something that's going to help us become more collegial work together so if you think about you mentioned about fear of change but I wonder is it. Also the fear of people having to try new challenges and grow and make failures make mistakes later in your career. Do you think that that has apartment. Yeah definitely I think a lot of the time sometimes. It's just a lot easier if somebody has or if somebody younger especially who who's just starting their career. Let's say somebody's somebody's been In in the field for about a year or two. It's a lot easier to ask somebody. Hey look you know more efficient way to do this and then just ask them to do it. Rather than put put in the time and effort into learning it because yes it does take a little bit more time to learn something especially as far as technology is concerned but I think that the ends death definitely justifies jeans. Because I know for myself if I can least try it I may not get it perfectly but I can go get someone who then. Who's more of an expert in it but at least I know where the basis of it started and the next time I can get closer on my own. What why why is it so difficult. The people to change in your experience just in your life you must run up against what. Why why people struggle with it? I think that there is an inherent fear of failure failure and I also think that you know it's it's very familiar being able to stay within the bounds of what we know. It's definitely a little and and you know I realize it's like the older that I get you kind of feel like you have more to lose weight and the fear of failure holds us back more so then when you're younger because maybe when you're younger you're you're a little bit more willing to step to the edge. You're a little bit more willing to try the new thing because you don't have as much on the line line to lose or you don't WanNa look stupid in front of people right. You know that. That's that's a refreshing a refreshing way to to look at this. So isn't it interesting and I asked the listeners to regardless of your age to think through just this one moment of momentum that czar and I are discussing thing because now speak to all generations and particularly some of the older ones isn't would Zara just said true for us aren't we in the latter part of our career. We're able to take more risks with less chance of failure than we did. Our Twenties Thirties forties fifties. So so as I listened to. You say that you're concerned about taking risks and looking stupid will use that word I guess aren't we all so when czar and I came together to write the blog. We really hope that people will be concerned less about how they will look and more how they look at each other. How do we see each other to greatness. That lies within each. I just going that Anthony. I think that you know I'd actually like to you. Know speak directly to people who are more in my age group as well and try to invite them to kind of take from the experience of people who've already been in the industry that you're in and try to pick up things from that right like some things we may think are outdated or we think that you know. This isn't the best way of doing it. I definitely invite everybody to to keep an open mind and learn what you can because there's only right. There's only a limited amount of time where you're going to be in the same environment and I think that everybody's everybody's experienced kind of adds value to the entirety of of the entire workplace setting. So let's let's go where you just went for second. Let's talk about ideas techniques tips for our listeners. That on how we can be specific about how to work together and one of the things on our blog we talked talked about is kind of advisory groups of multiple ages Coming together what. What does your Peer Group. How did today to be engaged. Well I definitely think that an advisory group is a fantastic idea. We I you know I can speak for a lot of My colleagues that are around the same age as me. We like collaborative Thinking we like sitting in an area where. There's no wrong answer. You know it. It kind of diminishes the fear of failure as well because once you put everything out on the table you can pick from those ideas. The things that work in the things that don't you know Czar and I are are served together on the on my CEO Advisory Panel and. It's interesting when we first had our first meeting of a very diverse group. Ideas and thoughts blowed quickly. Why why do you think that happens. I'll I definitely think that it created an environment of trustworthiness S.. Actually because I think you know once we first off the thing is there was no set agenda as it wasn't as stringent as to. You know this is what we need you talk about. This is what we need to cover. It was like whoever has ideas. Let's kind of come together and there's no wrong answer. I think people begin to think outside the box when you set up something like that. I also think that one thought for some one thought kin sparks an idea on somebody else's mind you know and I think we saw a lot of that where somebody would say one thing and somebody else would be like. Oh you know what. That's not what I was thinking but this is where I want to go with it. It creates an environment where everybody is willing to collaborate. It sounds as install one key cornerstones of you are talking about. And hopefully the listeners are engaging as well is that too is to see value intellect strength strength of opinion regardless of age or gender. that it doesn't it doesn't matter slowly so let let's let's go a different direction for a second if you think about the future and how things are playing out one of the things that people will look at at younger professionals or others say they all they care about. Is your personal brand out there on social media posing like models and trying to to do all kinds of you know look at me type world Do you see that as a advantage of hatch. I think that the individualistic a culture is something that a lot of younger people have been conditioned to turn to There is a lot of emphasis assists on the Mimi in our generation. Yes I think as per your question. I think that it can be taken both ways. I think that there is a very specific intention. Engine behind it. I think the greatness of Individualistic thinking comes. When a lot of people in my age group are a lot more more confident in their persona and who they are and they are able to establish a personal brand. I think that this kind of gives them a little bit more direction. Shen into what they WANNA do with their life which is great. I think that it definitely can be detrimental though it depends on the environment that you're taking that I mean if you're in a workplace you have to understand that you're working as a team I say this all the time teamwork makes the dream work. You know I think that there can be learned from People who have been in again as I say like the industry for a longer time you learn from other people you know so I think it can. It can go either way the intention listening to say that. I think something that we'd like to share his that. The individualistic thinking has has always been important. If not there are no new risk-takers thirty no new people taking challenges. We all just look the same. So sometimes when I see social media presence or those types of things everyone looks the same. I think when we're encouraging listeners. To do is to build a personal brand but base it around you challenge in risks that you take not just me to not just the standard pose and clips but build a brand. That's helpful and serving others. I think that on both our generations that and all in between if we have a servant leadership culture of what we're trying to build is helpful to others. Then does it really matter we whether we built brand. Because it's all part of the general mission. Would you the thing. I absolutely agree anthony. I think one of the first interviews that I had read that you had done you call yourself a servant leader and it was the first time that I had heard that term and I was so impressed because I genuinely think that a lot of people strive to be that but there's no terminology for it so once you kind of put it in a definitive tarm. It makes the message a lot clearer as to what we should be trying to accomplish and I wholeheartedly agree. I don't think that you can build. Hold your empire without having other people on your team agreed. Well it has been a great pleasure first of all writing in a blog with you getting to know you better as we work together and I really appreciate it that you're on the show today. Thank you so much anthony. It's been an honor so we had Zara loan on which of Leadership Today Co author for the recent blog the requiem of.

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Anthony Grupo, Zara, United States discussed on The Roots of Leadership Podcast

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