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The sports leader here's rod with guest host Marcus Thompson from the athletic on KNBR one oh four five six eight well I'm here in the freezing because of I mean it's it's right it's right I like to me too broad brush Marcus Thompson with that Tom Coughlin lives joining us into bits James Wiseman leaving Memphis not shocked because they usually after the season anyway when coming back but he was in and out of suspension anyway yeah and I was ability he was supposed to come back or he was going to be allowed to come back by the NC a a middle of next month Robert Weissman said now to hell with that a play three games I'm not messing around plain for free not messing with the NC a a I'm out and you know what I don't promise that the NCAA is something that you have to deal with anyway you shouldn't have to you should be able to go right from high school to the pros it should matter nothing was making the right move and now you just hope that James Wiseman does not suffer any sort of injury while he's preparing himself for the NBA because the warriors use him AB so loosely all right John lunchtime hit.

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