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Tours, he just impersonated Stephen Feldman for two seconds and then was like fucking on about. Poli Quinn at notice to go past, hey, guys, and if you're right, it's more like, hey, guys, it's me that's the opening that's guys. Job. I'm have my skin and half kindle Smith Rodriguez. No, we missed that one. What's the joke that joke is that I deserve. As he really is my son. Isn't that strange because like you have jokes about how you dad right now a meal, and then you rain out Stephen, I know the chain, the abuse becomes the abuser cats. You know, Gary, Brian. Brian earlier showed it to me on this show if that makes sense. Like I was in the room, but I don't even remember it. Oh, boy, blue and the man on the moon. Something else at the time that don't know when we'll get together, then. Now you've heard the song. The moral of the story is adopted. A little man named Gary Dorsey. Don't abandon him. Okay, he needs you need to help them out fluids, Gary, fuck, fuck him up. Gary. Are we gonna give. Vice to this guy because I'm like. Right? Don't marry someone that's fifteen. And if he's really into any sort of fantasy or whatever, just realized that this is a possibility. Also you could just pull the veto card and be like, fuck you. He's not coming out of your genitals, so I get to name him. That's that's what I would do if I had to push baby out of my my, my penis, there's no way I would let my wife name it. There's no way going through that degree of pain. And then I get to pick the name or I'm like, fuck you, bitch, I'm picking the name. No, that ain't cool. Yeah, I'm with you one hundred percent of the penis though. That's a smaller hole. I think we should get more right to choose what he eats. You don't get nothing. You have to change all the diapers. Thinking if it comes out of my win whole, right? Even if I have a kidney stone, I should get all those privileges. Yeah, I got to feed the baby today. The milk. Twelve years ago feeding. Man struggle. This is geez, we, as this is the. You don't know what we go through. You don't understand we ever pass the kidney. Can ladies do that. Yeah. Shit that kills our whole thing. What guys do have you ever been racked? That's the only thing I can think of. That's even kind of. But even those short boop punch was the same thing when I heard that when you get hit in the balls, your balls, send the pain up to your brain at two hundred and thirty six miles an hour, and then your brain since that signal bag like your brain let your balls. No, that they hurt at two miles an hour. So that's why you feel in your stomach, no hitting the balls and then then hit you to like a second later. Okay, so it's like you've got a runner that's at your balls, right? And he gets kicked in the nuts and he like, runs all the way up to your brain is fast as fastest can kind of worn out by the time. He hits your stomach on the way back down and he pulls over to just take out from the from the brain bag. It's two miles. He ran it to thirty six to get there, and then he got there. And he was like, wow, I don't really wanna leave here, but if I have to and I'm going to do it really slow because those balls. Are low hanging. There's a really good pre-algebra word problem in there about runner is running from your nut sack up to your brain two hundred and thirty six miles an hour and another one is running down two miles an hour. At what point along the line will they meet the very close to the brain. I'm gonna, say smart one inch outside of the brain, one millimeter outside of the bright, not my thing. Is that like. Hardly measure this mph thing. What they measure it in MRI machines or like little those little like things..

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