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Heart to heart with my mom and I expressed to her how happy I was and how much I love Craig and I wanted her to be happy for me too so I asked her mom you're happy for me right it's crazy it's crazy Latino Christmas special my guess the Maria rasa dia yet as and founder of all yeah but a side of that entire monologue I know it's not your model let me sickly each other's understudies including our director yeah quite good now we're gonna talk about him and if I wanna get your story Diana well I am Cuban American I'm from the other Cuba Miami and my parents came to this country with nothing but the clothes on their backs I grew up on my number one babysitter because they both had to have jobs was TV and so I worshipped television and I as a child and the special is a teenager grew to be a little resentful because I would see the Brady bunch and the partridge family and all of these families that sat down and talked about their troubles and figured out a reasonable punishment and my family was what everything was in chaos I mean my mom asked me if I had any regrets about childhood and I I think I once told her you know I really wish everyone's about things to be handled calmly and in so but my story is about realizing that everything that I am now as a writer the comedian as an artist is because of that wonderful vivacious delicious full exciting life that I had as a child which was full of drama and comedy moment both my parents are amazing story tellers and they they brought the fun into everything and that's what that's what my stories about let's bring it in George Rivas who joined the team is and directed the show you're doing it was like popcorn Jeffrey Jeffrey I'm sorry I was like a George is that check out yours bell D. E. O. F. F. R. E. Y. right which is not typical of NC double yes you gonna Jeffrey Jeffrey re write off so what do you bring to the show well Jeffrey came in to see the show a two years into its launching we originally were self directing which stand up comedian says specially center and I so we were used to just giving ourself advice on what makes people laugh and he came to see the show one night because he's friends with Maria they were on CSI together he used to be a cat regular on CSI and he came to the show and he was floored he thought this is a show with real potential we were mainly monologues at that point with very little in in between he was one of the people that courted us we had a few people say Hey we want to we want to take a show the next level but he came with passion and understanding and I have to say that inside he's a Latina as well you know he really got it and brought us to the Latino theater company who was it had to have this amazing space in downtown LA and then he spent months with us in in all sorts of emotional states as we tried to put the show to another to make it more of a play with the monologue in bed it in this story which is based on how we really are in real life we get together we start drinking the story start coming out and so he built on our our dynamic the camaraderie and the the the spark we have between us we always come up with anything so they are so he really pushed us to go deeper yes total for our personal we were telling our story but none of us wanted to go that deep and he was like you know the more personal you are the more universal the story is go there and we're like button all this is really tough but it's been so again healing for us because the arctic and just people leave better than they came in we all have people saying all I see myself in you and you Maria and you Sandra all right I'm gonna you know go and call my mother now and you know appreciate my parents more or whatever they they the people come and are little changed it's because we've gone deeper and we we still are trying to find things were still a little tweaking every writing but he really made it a safe space for us to go and tell our authentic story this whole show has a real miracle feeling to it because everything has come together even the person who is one of our executive producers now he was the one I went to when I had the idea and nothing was written and these girls weren't even committed yet and I said I have this idea I'd like to have a theater and he said I love it do it here that's his working with us now right and Jeff same thing he was like I love it let's do it and thank god I knew well enough of my got that this was the right person because we wanted a woman we did one a Latina director but every Latino Imad was a look just like a like the yeah I'm just not not wasn't right was it like a good it wasn't a good fit and exactly it just made sense with him and and just ten pushing us to go to those places yeah has made it really a different show and I think this has been I know so the best version of our show yes absolutely it's it's really incredible like incredible and to be work for New York why wait have you thought about having the New York audience because I am guessing the New York out you you guys have performed yeah country yeah I guess are amazing yeah what's that wow what is the difference when listening wow well and you know yeah okay no I would say that one of things we wondered about because in in LA we have a good following is that we have mostly we have lots of different types of Latino Americans and also that you don't have to be Latino enjoy the show in fact it's it's very universal and but we do have a large contestant contingent of Mexican Americans because it's LA so when we came out here we weren't sure we you know we had that little liking the trepidation like are we going to get it here you know like are they going to be as boisterous as excited about the show and what happened was that we did our first preview first of all we had a huge crowd which we do not expect yeah all the even if there said that this doesn't happen yeah on the first day I mean people free from like yeah Austin Chicago LA Denver Corpus Christi yeah we had yes we had this great crowd and then we went out there and that we started telling our stories and the laughs weren't exactly in the same place but the other thing as a really really loved and in the process but the second night I had to change some of my lines because there was a weird laugh that we did not know where that last line from funny at all my life welcome to New York right my partner's Porter Rican and so she said do you know what Diana sang as of now she goes she's saying I don't know if you wanna talk about no no when I say that and I said no I wasn't really she goes to Porter Ricans maybe it means something else yes I said I choose you to know that is that none of us knew that we've been saying it has years in LA there that it was that that wasn't with a laugh was a laugh was at the end of the story she tells me right of that bit but here I'm like why are they letting early and laughing hard early so she's like we all fell out you don't know what that means no holds real education to right yeah we were telling your producer where we ARE Spanish is is Spanish of course but Cuban there's certain human words at Mexican people don't you don't use and means something different to us and our sort of written my because of my partners pretty we can and we are always saying that doesn't mean that to me that means this to me or don't call me that that really insults me I'm like really and I use it all the time she's like don't ever call me and I will not noted I will not you should tell us that we're too we and even Texas like tex mex completely differently than California yeah you know Mexicans when I very very different different but you know but very different like even the foods and and the the sayings of my D. they say what are the choices yeah exactly like now what does that mean like okay learning learning yes it's the Latina Christmas special it opens tomorrow at the soho Playhouse my guess and Maria Russell Diana Jana's and center vials so I heard you say you mentioned drinks off I thought I'd bring it on my what is the role of the alcoholic beverage in the show well two kilo of course for us we started with one we did start with one because I know what it was my fancy but then we got yesterday we got a ton of tequila donated to us so that we change that to that we also that it we also thought he represented it seemed more lets you know to to to be drinking tequila so the idea is that you know when you drink every this is how the play of all of that when you drink you get a little looser with the time and that's how we explain why so many very deep truths come out in in the original show when we did it with the wine we use this Maria would finish her second you're so nervous about doing her piece that she would finish a set and then she had like a real bottle of wine on the stage thanks and sorry to spoil it for you guys and Maria would have then a glass of wine she would finish her monologue and she's take a deep breath and whatever so in some show I accidentally grabbed the wrong bottle and I poured myself a tall glass of wine and as I'm pouring it I'm going oh my god I've wrapped the wrong bottle and I'm pouring it in in this part I drink the whole glass and one because that's the punch line but a Latin Latino glass like any time learning a top right so it it it was always apple juice and this time it was wine and you know the show must go on so I brought it to my nose could smell that it was Chardonnay that I I went okay and I drank the whole thing and put it down and I thought this is going to be interesting and you know that that that the the honest to god truth is that we it didn't affect me because I think the adrenaline of performing and also knowing that I had just had a huge glass of wine kind of kept me kept me going I didn't lose anything everything was fine but it was definitely a shock in that moment but these girls are light weights like we like I like second like I can drink odd future keyless shocks and be fine Maria hi yes and I'm not yeah we've we've got enough to tell you you're not okay now I am okay I am okay yes No sending she's not only we're ready for that before I let you go when you think about it and you want people actually see the show because you said it's about your personal story on this about family it's about Christmas shopping Latina what's something you hope they come away with from the show I think each of our personal monologues has a message and but the overall message is that we're so lucky to be who we are we are Americans and we are also Latino and gratitude I would say is is high up their gratitude for all we've been given so I think that's that's the main main message I we each individually have messages but and I I think also people come away let me tell you something the subclass has a bar downstairs and last night the bartender went oh my god he was so happy because we'll have such a good time they just be they want to hang they think that they're in the shower we say salute we raise a glass and the back row go so many amazing in the show with us and originally actually this is a funny story when we first started doing it we pretend that we couldn't see the audience that we were inside of Sanders apartment but they were so excited to talk to us that this this the last two runs we've now included them and they just love it they love being part of the party yeah and also the message including with gratitude the messages the human experience is the same the pain the joy the love the laughter it's the same it's just packaged differently and so to have like you know representation for me for us is huge as you know we don't have enough for the wrong kinds or very stereotypical kind so representation of women letting us the LGBT Q. I a community the mixed race give it at the Cuban Mexican whatever is different but the same Latina Christmas special is at so hopefully how's it opens tomorrow December eighteenth my guess of Maria Russell Diana Jana's and Sandra falls break a leg tomorrow lady so much for having us.

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