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About that. Previous. No, Brandon Robinson can't answer the three little the offensive rebound keeps it alive. Cam johnson. Chases it down forty five thirty two tarheels ca thirteen point lead. It was as large as sixteen moment ago. Three oh, seven to go in the first half white hesitation hangs. The foul on it and white. We'll have a chance for three. Kevin Keats his face about his red is his tires right now. He's so angry with the call. Foul on lock it. His first. I think every player that has come in for state tonight. Except for CJ Bryce has at least one foul. Twelve fouls. Whistled on state here in the half. Everybody on Carolina's team has taken it to the basket. I think maybe say Brandon Robinson. But everybody else has done it and many of them have been rewarded with that aggressive control play. Beverly gets it to Bryce in the middle of the lane. He dribbles to the right block in his fouled five. Brandon robinson. First foul on Robinson. I believe that is going to be a shooting foul. Yes. For Bryce so he will have two shots. Robinson Jones is one thing. He's not great at is guarding off the dribble. A lot of times his fouls will come on the trying to guard that dribble drive. He's good at perimeter defense. He's pretty good at exchanges on high screener rolls. His got long arms the contest shots, but more often than not he will a driver. Bryce goes one of two missed the first made the second, and it's forty eight thirty three state is one of four the free throw line Carolina's twelve of fourteen from a stripe here in the first half. Still to forty to go in the first half. Carolina up by fifty Cameron Johnson picks up his dribble on the right sideline needs. Help goes back out to the time line to Kobe white Hellum starting wisest time white behind the back lost the dribble gets a back crosses over behind the back again tried to pass it in the corner. Tunisair little and turned it over white just got going little too fast there and his pass was off the Mark. Well, the big difference that you see right now is there's not a lot of offensive movement. So you see guys standing around watching the dribbler because the state defense has pushed him out, and they feel like they've got to get inside to be a part of the office. Thorn, misses the runner Koby white with the rebound. Heels up fifteen on the move. Kenny Williams already front court right side as at home that happened in the blink of an eye. There is nothing that state has been able to throw a Carolina defensively when they get out quickly off a rebound. The rebound edge still twenty two two seven Kobe white fronting the post knocks the pass away Carolina on the other direction. Brandon Robinson taken out from behind on the layup. He pops back up the foul on lock it his second. And Brandon Robinson will be going to the free throw line for the tar heels fifty two thirty three. Carolina's fast break today, they are credited with eight fast-break points. I would challenge that number. But I think also it's a little bit skewed because of the number of layups that Carolina has had at least contesting shots at the basket as Robinson's first free throw rolls out. I think that gives us the feeling that Caroline is getting the basket a lot on a drive which obviously looks a lot like the fast break. Second free throw. Good by Robinson. Those were his first attempts at the line since the pit gain fifty one thirty three largest lead for the hills. It's now eighteen with one forty to go in the first half Beverly around a high screen gets the runner to circle homes Beverly has been terrific. He has fourteen five of six from the field. Heels though, up sixteen fifty one thirty five Toby white passes left side to Cameron. Johnson dribbles to the top back door too. Little. Helens took took his eye off of little and put it on the ball. And that was not able to get by Robinson Alpi and lay it in on the other side, fifty three thirty seven one oh seven to go in the first half Toby white in the front court for Carolina surveying the landscape gets by Helms drives hangs can't finish little crashes. The glass rebound tipped out to the sideline. Kenny Williams, right corner. White. Not love it. When an effort play turns into that. Tarheels, fifty six thirty seven Bryce just goes one on one misses the jumper and a foul called on Kenny Williams on the rebound. Kenny had lost his balance was kind of backing into lock it on the rebound attempt. The foul on Williams his first eighth on Carolina. So a one and one for Eric it Kobe white now with a team high fourteen he started slow from the field, but fourteen points may have twelve Kenny Williams with him three. Tar heels in double figures in the first half lock. It's free throw. No good little at Williams. Knock each other off the rebound. Kenny Williams made a great effort diving forward in the right corner. But couldn't get their to save it. And so the state will have possession with thirty seven point one to go. Fifty six thirty seven Carolina by nineteen its largest lead at the half. Thirty on the shot clock. Of course, thirty seven point one on the game clock. I think states just had a hard time finding anything to grab a hold on offensively. Beverly's been their only answer. Dorn tries to drive left to the lane against Johnson. Spins to the middle of the paint misses. The floater rebound tipped up and brought in by Carolina a tie ball jump ball called as lock it came in and tied up. Cameron johnson. Roy Williams did not enjoy that. Call. State has the possession arrow. And now shot clock is off with twenty six seconds. The rebound. Three to eleven Carolina with the advantage in the first half shot clock off state holding the ball fifty six thirty seven Carolina white takes a look back to Williams as Bryce tripling between his legs deep on the left wing Bryce gonna try a step back three with whiteness face and knocks it in tough shot by Bryce Carolina inbounds to Robinson. He gets a long distance shot off late. But it was well off the Mark so prices three bring state within sixteen at the break. The tar heels had their largest lead of nineteen there for a couple of seconds late but Bryce who had a good first half for NC state with eight points cuts it down to sixteen at halftime..

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