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More information about blue cross in the description of this podcast as for helping fellow humans and I spoke to someone who works at a foodbank out here Norwich. I spoke to them just before Christmas. And she told me that people have being very generous this December but she said that January is often the time that food donations are less plentiful. So you know that that in mind if you're able to contribute but Probably give them a call check what they need. Wow that's so thoughtful and Christmas Eve. You buckles honesty. That's fine. Well that's pretty much for this year as the Queen pointed out. It's been all Laura Laura southbound. I'm Pierre in it. The podcast will return with more rambling conversations towards the beginning of April in twenty twenty. I look forward very much to meeting some of you on my book tour links to shows in the description. As I speak there are still tickets available for shows in Canterbury York ORC Newcastle Inventories Dublin. An Aberdeen it'll be me reading. Bits from my book although I also will just be talking it won't all just be reading with silences. In the middle. I will be conversing with the audience. I'm looking forward to it. You think that sounds fun. Check out the link in the description and come along. Thank you very much indeed to shame Murphy Murphy Mitchell for all his extremely hard work this year and for his production support and thanks to Matt Lamont for his additional editing on this episode and thanks once again to matt full the work he's done throughout the year on the cost very much appreciated. Thanks Annika as well for your edit work on the podcast. Thanks to a cost and thanks very much indeed to you for listening I wish you all the very best for the rest of the holidays and on into twenty twenty come on we can do this for anything rosy so we're GONNA be fine isn't it all right come on a Hook Q.. Is A hot. Did you just squeeze my miles. It's not cool but luckily I love you I UH-HUH I took. Ah Ah uh-huh.

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