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It was 11 plays 57 yards They needed just 1 22. There were two seconds left on the clock. They would kick it off. The Cowboys would try to flip the ball all over the place, but to no avail. Your final score tonight. Tampa Bay 31. Dallas 29 some of the numbers from this game and again If you just look at the box score, I think you would say, man. How much did the Cowboys win by, But that was not the case. Stack Prescott tonight in a losing effort. 42 of 58 403 yards, three touchdowns, one interception. Amari Cooper at 13 catches for 139 Yards, two touchdowns. He was the leading receiver today. CD Lamb seven for one Foreigner score. Dalton Schultz, six for 45 for Tampa. The ageless Tom Brady 32 of 5300 and 79 Yards, four touchdowns couple of picks, and he leads the team to that game Winning drive. Antonio Brown five catches 1 21 in the score. Chris Godwin, nine for 15 and a touchdown and Rob Gronkowski eight catches 90 yards, two touchdowns. And it is tough because as you go through these highlights you want to say the Patriots in New England. When you hear and see Brady to Gronkowski. It still doesn't seem right. But they are making it work in Tampa, for sure. In terms of the run game, neither team had one and it wasn't necessary or needed. Both defenses in the fronts played really well. Ezekiel Elliott. Just 11 carries for 33 yards for Dallas. Leonard for Net just nine carries for only 32 yards. In any end, it is enough as Tampa Bay comes away with the win tonight over Dallas, 31 to 29 will take a time out, Come back and wrap it up and take a look ahead to week two in just a moment. Bucks win at 31 29. You're listening to the NFL encompassed media networks. He raids your fridge to Breda borrows.

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