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Dominated the coverage now you're with several other candidates who didn't make it because he was like in technicolour and they were in black and white and so you know been maybe learn laurent less cuba from it but something else was going onto which they just want to point out to everybody the american people are fed up with the nonsense and maybe the establishment american people aren't but i'm talking about the people that i grew up with the guys that i grew up with the my neighbor didn't go to college they're out clamming their bayshore men were the people in albuquerque new mexico where the factories a gun closed down a move to old mexico and they're driving around of delivering domino's pizza they don't like the rhetoric anymore they don't like the sanitize politician that's i'm saying no and i had led his atteyya hear these days as mac mouth politician he's the first shock jock to be the president ited states yeah the fair enough we'll take a short break we'll be right back with anthony scaramucci you mention mitt romney before he's talking about running for the senate perilly's nuno announce in the coming week yup you supportive of that if it listen i love governor romney i'm very supportive of governor romney but i would like the civil war to end in the party okay the party is split between never trumpers sometimes trumpers and always trumpers and so he's been kind of a never g he he's probably never trumper you know i would i hope you from a writing a check for him this time uh no i would write a you know spencer call me is fi of owed ride write a check for governor i'm alec around governor i'm about people day that i like people i wrote a check for barack obama did as i like him as a guy i would write a check the governor romney but i would say to governor army not that he would listen to me but i would say to governor romney let's figure out a way to get on the same team were all wearing the same jersey um and let's let's let's try to advance and agenda that's positive for all of the american people not just the people that are in apart we talked about the eleven days you were in the white house it culminated with the appointment of general kelly as the.

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