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Love their energy blemishes. I can't finish thank Thank you for the voice mail. No hard drive at the one that's furthest away. I mean i think like post pandemic this has changed a lot Maybe but like i know for me. No i want be as far away from other human beings as possible and that has not changed. That is always wanted to be. I'm old school with that. I always wanted to be as far away from people as possible. Don't forget in new jersey. You don't guess oh Guy that you keep an eye out for like oh that's the good guy. Cool the cool thing about not doing not pumping your own gas aside from not freezing your ass off in the winter is You get to know you have like a regular guy. Yeah guy yeah well the real short interaction you have with this guy. But he's tall store that you know. Yeah so he's got a lollipop for the kid does how you doing. How are we know his name really. He's a he's a cool dude with that all right. He's gone lollipop. Yeah he's got like a bowl of dumb dumbs like like the barbershop. Does bullet done those alternate title for this podcast. My right bone Man anyway it's it's great. It's nice wash your windows beautiful time. I have a specific gas stations. I like to go to. Because i don't know if this is a problem at all jeep wrangler owners but there are some that just dave they wanna click off the menace. The minute like something gets triggered and put it in a like a leg dribble of petrol and it just goes nope. You're done and injustice card. And i'm like you piece of shit. Never go so i have like. I'm just terrified of eddie new gas station that it's going to do that to me. Weird and also fifty percent of people already noticed but just for the the few. Who don't you know that to remember. Which side of your car. The gas tank is on that brian. Icon i listen to. You can listen to a podcast of the history of that as well really. That'd be wife told me that a couple years ago. And i was like a game changer. Yeah specifically on. Sam trans buses. When you ride the bus all the time. I would sit at the pair of seats right behind. The rear exit loved it. Yeah that's a good one quick access to rear exist. Which is always andy. Yeah then you could pretend to be both as a high schooler in like swing off the pole and then just exit out of the bus. Wow right got another one to play. Ben what what. What are two total for all right. Yeah let's let's go to. Let's play six and then let's play fourteen. Yeah i got one one email in between that. Sure ab- email is an email. Is that the thing. No no wing. No it's different playing. This voice just stopped What is the worst food that would be made into like an edible. Just the food that you do not want to eat and then get high an hour and a half later by the question show. Yeah we're like fish kind of fish. I'd love to get high and have fish. That's ends fucking it's not yes. Sounds like actual ronson would cook up like a flounder. This lovely to lapierre's that like has fucking ten milligrams. No you don't want that kelly's has like a weed cooking show on net flicks. Where they they get pretty fancy with it. Someone had pressed like marijuana leaf into a tortilla and that looks pretty cool. That would eat. You don't not the weed you want to eat well. Yeah but that's like the decade fancy though for sure well i guess edibles also have to be kind of like matt like almost manufactured. They can't be like you like what you just gotta gotta carton of egg whites and then took like. I don't know some kind of liquid. Thc just dumped it in there then. Scrambled meg right. So fucking so weird like a but you only to one of them and you have your wings and you're not sure what day while morning you have like scrambled russian roulette station where You just take one edible and five edibles put them in a bag of gummy bears at just shaking around. Oh mine and then you just you take two. Gummy bears day and see what happens. You could taste it though. You're specifically like like brand. You don't need fiber. Oh okay okay. There was this show. I don't know. I don't think it's still on anymore. I went looking for it recently but like coffee. Tv twenty in the bay Man had like night show about like we'd news and this is when it was still illegal And and so just like these people at a news desk trying to keep it to get like just was just very like it wasn't deliberately comedy but it was fucking hilarious Because they're like trying to like you know it's the way when the same way be real would like to talk to you about normal And and how. It should be an how everything should be legal in also stuff like they had that vibe to them of dislike. Why i'm the. I'm the store owner. Who read some books about this. And now i have some things to say And so they'd have like cypress. Yes it was not. Actually legit look is not actually be real. Be real at saint vibe about him at but they had cooking segments and they had a guy on and he was dressed up. Like i mean presumably. Wouldn't he's a religious chef so shoot chef and But because everything was still illegal at the time are you know you had to get a card or whatever at the time so like he would be preparing these meals and it was. It was usually involve butter. Was usually what you were elliott. But he would always take medicine and then you mix your medicine into the butter and then you put the butter on to make these cookies or do this or you making like a beef stroganoff that gets but it was like sometimes the dishes. Were things like you're talking about like who would do this but like they're you know putting like a can of butter over the top of it. Yeah yeah it's definitely like stuff like.

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