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Absolutely. There will be no we don't need that anymore. We're not gonna need private insurance companies that I just want you to understand that the speed with which the Democratic Party has moved in just four years. You would never heard the democratic nominee in two thousand sixteen Hillary Clinton say that. And here we are three three years later from that. And Kamala Harris one of the. No big contenders. For the nomination is just saying do away with private insurance and embrace socialized medicine. So that CNN's political director articulating what I was just trying to say Democrats have moved so far to the left so rapidly. Now, here's a woman named Jan Schakowsky. Jan she's a piece of work in her own, right? She and her husband are just something else. The scandals that they've been involved in. But she's speaking to a group of progressives. This is several years ago. What do we have the date on that Sherry two thousand nine two thousand nine we've saved this all these years later, so two thousand nine she's speaking to a group of activists progressives and she's sharing the account of a conversation. She had with someone and she tells them the goal is to get rid of the private insurance companies. That's the goal. So she's saying this in two thousand nine behind closed doors amongst cheers. She would never say publicly but fast forward now ten years later, man, they're out of the box that it that editor bullying. Here's what they believed in two thousand nine. Was the guy from the insurance against the public health insurance option. Private insurance compete. What? I said excuse me, sir. The goal of health care reform is not to attack the pri-. He has reason to. That's.

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