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Here you've got singaporean police on a motorbike followed by police vehicles we should soon see kim jong un emerging in a limousine this convoy has included two different limousines it's never clear which one kim jong un is in we also typically see them traveling with large white buses those are buses filled anderson with the men in suits the runners who you have seen of course jogging alongside kim jong un's limousine at times it's sort of that i conic image you saw during the north korea south korea summit you have seen it welcome john has been here in singapore so it could be any minute now that kim jong un actually gets into that vehicle makes his way to this meeting that did certainly seem unlikely this is a new era for kim jong un he has called it that we're seat news north korea has called this the possibility of new era but what we have seen is really the emergence of a dictator who was an incredibly reclusive figure just months ago now in singapore ready to meet the us president he has already met the chinese president twice traveling out of the country two times to do that he has traveled of course to meet the south korean president and he's been spotted throughout singapore he was greeted by the foreign minister when he arrived here he then went to visit with the prime minister and then in a surprising move the motorcade picked him up at the st regis last night after dark and he was given essentially a sightseeing tour of singapore anderson there was even a selfie with singapore's foreign minister just a dramatic shift in the image that we have come to expect from kim jong un but this is the moment that he waited for the opportunity to come face to face with the president we've said it so often anderson what comes of this meeting will really have to do with the chemistry between these two men certainly the goals have been established the united states the administration saying that they are seeking the complete verifiable your versatile dismantlement of nuclear weapons but not being able to at this point have any.

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