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10th inning from Ella's Blake training. The Phillies want to shoot out with the Cubs, 15 to 10. San Diego beat Washington 74. Cardinals held off the giant 65 in Arizona got to walk off hit from David Peralta to beat Colorado, 4 to 3 and then Wimbledon yesterday. Top seed Actually, Bardi advanced to the women's singles semifinals will be joined by Arena SAB Alenka, Karolina Pliskova and Angelique Kerber, who also advanced with wins. On the men's side. The Hubert her calves wrapped up his match meeting second seed in the Oh Medvedev to secure his spot in the semifinals. You can find more sports and access Wdun. All right, Thank you. Much. Kale. Appreciate that five minutes away from nine o'clock saying good morning to our good friend Robin Templeton at the insurance source getting set for a brand New day and Robin. What can you tell us about what's going on with Medicare these days? A lot of folks coming in to to go ahead and get that taken care of There are remember, Like I said, before you have a great audience and and appears to be a whole lot of people turning 65 right now. Yeah, and and it's important that you that you get it taken care of. As soon as possible, because the consequences of not it could cost you money in the long run. It is and and then we had three months before the month 73 months after your 65th birthday. I know I handled that in a lot. But there's a lot of options allows them to look at. You need the time. So before you hit 65, you're gonna start seeing all kinds of mail coming in. You're gonna innovated With Miller. And that's what I'm therefore, instead of having to worry about all the different companies who do I look at who covers me the best you give me a call. I can show you everything. Explain all of your coverages. And down and out so that you know the best plan for you Make sure your doctors are in make sure your medications covered. You know the benefits don't matter to you. You know what's interesting is and there's something I've learned and speaking with you is a lot of folks take a look at that prescription option and they don't do it. But that can cost you in the long run with with a continuing penalty. It is and because I've had even lately I still hit people come in and say, Well, I haven't needed any medication coverage because they're not only medication the government doesn't seem to care about. Medicare tells her You have to have your part D plan. If you don't they do penalizing. It's right at 30 cents a month very much. You have not had any part D coverage. Uh, It's best for me to take a look at it for you because there's plans that started $7.30 a month if you want to stand about in part of the plan, or you have your Medicare advantage plans. That have it included in it, So a lot of people are 65 just go onto the regular Medicare A and B and do nothing outs. Well, that A and B have no stop loss. My Medicare advantage plans and we have them for most every company out there that Blue Cross don't have limbs them in our area..

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