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He's been having some pretty good interviews lately. He's walking soundbite that one was Scotto key had was classic Scotto kid in Reeves our bodies. I mean, I you as a known that in the history behind that his Scotto. He's a magician is unbelievable like world class. Uson? But yeah, that's that's an all time, quote, especially in today's NHL were a lot of these kids are could you imagine half these kids in the NHL house, like not chirp them. But they're softer. Where you have Ryan Reeves who would have been a scary man back in the day. Yeah. Like revolt probably top three guys I ever fought. And he's a month. He's this guy with his shirt off. We did the bench press test and Saint Louis you remember that we'll hang out with them for three minutes. You'll see them with their shirt off dude while everywhere with our phone. Those those rubber bands. He's always like dialed in whereas veins or. He's got over his and work out. I mean, just like crushes push before he goes out, and it is by septa, ripping all night. Hey, coach wants to see a rip off one hundred push ups. What's up hits running to talk me? No one good. But K so I will say that that that was a hockey hit. He saw him coming as soon as he let go the puck and he had to make that decision split split-second. I'd imagine. Because of who he knew he was on the ice against and who it was that he wasn't gonna make that split-second decision to not hit him based on not only last year's Cup final in the history based on. I would put Tom Wilson Wilson's public. Public enemy number one right now in the NHL like far and above the number two guy. Yes, I agree that I mean Marshall maybe went he might be one through five. And you know, he's obviously earned that with the situations. He's found himself in. I thought there's no way that the Reeves hit was dirtier than what Wilson said to the kid. Jersey because I feel he had way more time to make his decision not to hit him. And he's still end up get pizza them very unfortunate that he hit his head on the ice. And I believe that he's probably got a concussion today. Is that is that the ruling I saw him. He was getting off the ice. And you know, kinda had the, you know, the Bambi leg because he was getting helped off. So I mean, immediately, you think if somebody's in that sort of state it some some sort of concussion he was complete lighted up. So it sucks to see him get injured. So hopefully, he's back quick. But I mean that was that was shoulder to shoulder. It's just a it's a big, man. They caught him. I think with. Considering the social climate, and how everyone has a voice referees are under so much scrutiny right now where if it's a fifty fifty I think more times than not they're going to say, hey, let's just kick them out. Because at least you know, whatever you missed a period or a half a game. And and it's not that serious as opposed to if it was dirty, and you let them stay in the game. All fuck. People are going to be, you know, they're not to put his parents or whoever has found embers are witness protection program or cycle about the head hits. Now. So it's better off to storm out of the game. I don't think he deserved. It. Don't think he got deserve to get suspended and considering Wilson Dickinson spender for his I thought there was no way that revolt was gonna get suspended for that. Also that game was a quick reminder that although Alex Ovechkin is one of the greatest goal scorers to ever live. He is still a complete tank on the ice because I don't know if you saw a couple of his his he ran over Thomas no sec in at the blue line. To complete butchering of 'em huge hit. And then he also ran across the ice tried to kill Reeves to like he doesn't give a shit so shot to be still playing like, a savage..

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