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This, this, here it is. I got it, I got it. Let me see if this is the right one. Make sure, double check. Providing clarity. Okay, all right, here we go. You guys want to hear who's going to this? You guys want to hear it? Here we go. It is going to be Rosten Benham. He's going to be on panel one. He is the chairman of the CFTC, okay? Panel two is going to be Christopher Giancarlo, former chairman of the CFTC. Paul Grewal, chief legal officer, Coinbase. Dan Gallagher, chief compliance officer, Robinhood. Dan Berkovitz. How they have Dan Berkovitz had to step down for bribery on there, but whatever. Former commissioner, CFTC, former attorney council, SEC. Walt Lukin, president and CEO, Futures Industry Association, and former acting chairman of the CFTC, okay? Who's not on there? Nobody from the SEC is on there. Do you guys see the war? Do you see the war? We're having a war between Congress and the CFTC and the SEC. That's everybody that's going to be at that hearing. Now, maybe they could put more people on, but I don't believe so. That sounds about right. They usually have five to six people. There you go. Falcons wide receiver Avery Williams out for 23 season. I didn't even know he was a person, so I don't know. My Falcons got to the point where I know like six people on the team. Desmond Ritter, John Robinson, I think is his name, new running back. You got Kyle Pitts. You got AJ Terrell, Grady Jackson, Great Jarrett, excuse me, Great Jarrett. You got, did I say Desmond Ritter already? You got Drake London. That's about all I know. Guys, our team is really bad, but we got a good coach. I think we just don't make the playoffs. We have the easiest schedule in the NFL outside of the Saints. So anyways, community did not provide specific details. I have all the questions too. I have all the questions from the hearing as well. I don't just have the panelists. I also know the questions. So there you go. There's some inside information for you guys on what is going on. Ben doesn't ever know. I hear you all. I hear some of you all. I hear the haters. We drown them out. In a recent development, Republican lawmakers Patrick McHenry and Glenn Thompson have released a draft bill that aims to establish a clear regulatory framework. In response to the recent lawsuits filed by the SEC against Coinbase and Binance, pro -crypto Republican US Senator Cynthia Lummis expressed her concerns about the lack of clear legal guidance regarding the distinction between securities and commodities. $4 I paid ,000 to go to her dinner in Miami and I was too tired and I slept through it. $4 ,000 nap. We supported Cynthia Lummis and you see she's going against the SEC so we like that. I also like McHenry. I would like McHenry. I would love to get him on the show. Is he gonna wear bow tie? Gotta wear a bow tie on the show. He has to. I mean we'll make that a requirement. But I really like what he's doing. I do. I like Tom Emmer. I love Byron Donalds. That's my favorite. Byron Donalds is my guy. Like, I want to donate to his campaign whenever he runs again. I love Byron Donalds. He's my very, very, very favorite person in politics by a considerable margin. So there we go. US states going after Coinbase following SEC suit. Here's how. They're piling on top. Security regulators from Alabama, California, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, South Carolina, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin are part of a task force aimed at Coinbase's trading and staking services. I can't believe Alabama joined this. Alabama was talking about having me come out there and speak to their house like two years ago. It didn't end up happening and now they're going after Coinbase? Yeah. What in the backwards sister kissing trailer park tornado and garbage

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