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Next else having migraine headaches soon vertigo he'll be out for the season What I I'm just. going to happen now i just can't i live like a headache when you were playing hell no if i had to handle that that day when you what about one did delta state was running clive the center field wall we have to be honest here willy did call it he said something would go wrong with this draft was i said don't tell me never been hurt twenty million dollars national championship the joe thomas of our time is going to be anthony moon yours i said you wait sums going to happen with this guy number and now look labor let me give you the history this is via joe good berry on twitter he writes for the f. let and you know beat writer gossip go back to twenty twenty to do the last eight dress bengals first round picks and how many snaps they played as a rookie twenty twelve was drake patching played forty two before injury forty two snaps and then another kevin zeitler was he was over he was he was fine tyler reifer played a bunch oh my god but then got her after that quizzed are just sixty two cejudo boy he sixty five william jackson third play zero memory tour right that's right camp in two thousand sixteen john ross played in just seven just seventeen snaps his rookie season billy price played a bunch last year because he had the he had the pet and then now journal williams will play do six kids notre dame don't have any guts courage tyler for guy he's never gonna play again this year this someone you want wanna bet on that i bet you it doesn't make it a fourth game without a season ending injury you want to bet me on that one take it easy now that that's not right Jona Williams, Anthony moon, yo going be great. I told you he will not make it to the first game torn. cincinnati children's will be handing out vouchers for a free bike helmet during the pre-game an early innings of this saturday's four ten game all right welcome to f one fifty radio hello miranda f one fifty s terrific now let's get specific okay the high strength military grade aluminum alloy f. one fifty has best in class towing for campers and boats firm coming floats and best in class torque fun fifties packing what the competition is lacking nicely done joined it at ton the ford f..

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