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And all so what does this mean for the the ongoing this long dispute about the South China Sea where China has made these pretty expansive claims of what are they offering? What could they get other Philippines? Well, that's right. It is the flash point. It's one of the most sensitive flash points in south East Asia. And and it's largely because of China's complete disregard for international law. They are occupying after seizing islands in the south. China Sea that why in Philippine waters of international tribunal ruled in two thousand sixteen China has no claim whatsoever to those waters, and it's in violation of them. What China is here to do is try to nail an agreement for a jointly exploring oil and gas. It wants to Jim is what is seen as an illegitimate occupation here in the South China Sea and do territory would be an outlier if the agrees with it. No other country that claims waters in the same in the same. See his signed any agreement to jointly explore with China for fear that it's going to lose it sovereign rights. All right NPR's, Julie McCarthy reporting for us this morning in Manila. Julie, thanks. We appreciate it. Thank you. Airbnb is getting out of business in the occupied West Bank near the company says it will no longer post listings for homes that are open apartments that are open in Israeli settlements in the West Bank. This move comes amid pressure on companies to stop doing business there. Isreaeli officials say they're being singled out and that they will take action against the company. Daniel estrin is NPR's correspondent in Jerusalem. And he joins us now. So Daniel wise, Airbnb making this move why now well everybody is wrestled with this issue for wild. That's what it says it has about two hundred listings in Israel settlements in the West Bank. Most countries say settlements in occupied land are illegal under international law. Israel's occupied the West Bank for the last fifty one years the territory is under dispute Palestinians want the land for their own country. And until now Airbnb said it operated in settlements because it wanted to help bring people together, but the company says. Is it spoke to experts and decided it needs to act responsibly and change its mind minute says settlements are at the core of the dispute between Israelis and Palestinians, human rights. Watch says it lobbied Airbnb actually about this for two years. And I spoke to Omar shocker from the group about it. They're an essence, I'm helping to broker rentals on land stolen from Palestinians for which those Palestinians themselves are barred from entering and in terms of the timing. Well, Human Rights Watch put out a report today that doesn't make Airbnb look good at all the report is called Ben and breakfast in stolen land. So this this isn't the only company that has made this kind of decision, right? Like put Airbnb into the broader context for us. Well, there is this growing pressure on companies not to do business in the settlements. The UN human rights. Commissioner is preparing a database of such companies, the European Union labels products made in settlements that are sold in Europe. And. And some businesses have changed their practices, for instance, the sparkling water company. Sodastream had a factory in a settlement at move that factory out of the settlement following a boycott campaign. Even though it claimed it had nothing to do with politics. But Israel is very concerned about this kind of thing, and especially with a big brand name like Airbnb, I mean, how often were people using Airbnb in in the occupied West Bank. I mean, what's the what's the reaction on the ground? We'll Airbnb is very popular in Israel. And I spoke with one Isreaeli Eliana passing teen who has her home listed on Airbnb. It's an Israeli settlement. It's listed as warm home with breathtaking view, it's in the hills of the West Bank. She says people come there for biking, and wineries and attractions, and she says she's astonished by this decision doesn't make any sense whatsoever. They've become political and and to the building bridges they're building fences and taking people in higher area in Israel away. From from their website. Which is it's crazy doesn't make any sense. Israeli officials say, you know, there are conflicts all over the world. So why single out Israel? All right NPR's Daniel estrin forces morning, thanks to anyway pushy it, thanks, Rachel..

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