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American psychologist turned television host. Dr Phil McGraw had been outspoken in he supportive Natalie Holloway's family having sent his own investigative team to search a robot and speak to witnesses. He advocated for the boycott of the island and on Wednesday November two appeared on American light. Not Talk show the tonight show with Jay Leno when he stated he had reason to believe Natalie was still alive and being held as a sex slave after the segment head. Dave Holloway received a phone call from a woman who claimed she had been across the street from the Holiday Inn. On the night Natalie went missing. She saw two men whom she believed to be. Some kind of royalty trying to coerce young blunt haired woman to join them. The witness didn't think anything of it at the time and left the Rubel the following morning. She then put the dots together. After saying Dr Phil like nod interview a Saudi. Prince was on the island. The Not Natalie disappeared but nothing. Further came from the laid. A private investigator and polygraph expert named Jamie Skaters was hired by Dr Phil to travel to a Roo using a hidden camera. He interviewed Deepak. Who called Natalie's slot based on the way she dressed spoke and because she chose to go driving with three strange men quiet and her mother claiming her to be the goody? Two shoes enough. These base already portions of the Hidden Camera Interview. Were read on the Dr Phil. Show with the footage showing daypack respond to the question has the weather Natalie had sex with your on. Cetaceans himself by saying she did. You'd be surprised how simple it was. He was also shine saying before. I knew where the body is. A would tell them a long time ago. Let them start the trial and get this IVA with. I don't care after the snippets of the interview. Wed Aruba officials accused the doctor. Phil's produces of editing the footage to fit their agenda in support of this claim. They released an uncut version of the tape. Which showed daypack shaking his head. And saying no when asked if not only had sex with your on CETACEANS himself de Anza Deepak agape saying you'd be surprised how simple it was was actually in response to another question in December. Two thousand five decal brothers sued the Dr Phil Show for Defamation Lawsuit. Alleging that the interview was altered to create false statements. Incriminating them in Natalie's disappearance lawyers for Dr Phil and Save the television network that aired the show disputed the allegations. The case was ultimately dismissed after a long legal battle also in December two thousand five an American woman named Tracy. Ellen contacted Natalie's family as she had been holidaying in Aruba in May two thousand five nine days before Natalie went missing Tracy took a morning stroll at six thirty along quiet stretch of beach near the Marriott Hotel as she approached the fishermen hearts a man who was naked from the waist down ran out and launched an attack. He's threatened Tracy with a stone. Grabbed her by the arm and attempted to pull her into his vehicle which was waiting nearby with the engine. Running Tracy resisted and yoed out fell attracting the attention of some local fishermen and prompting the attackers to flee. She had reported the incident to Aruban police at the time but nothing further came of it. She now whether the same person who attacked her could have something to do with. Natalie's disappearance Tracy provided an official statement to the FBI and worked with a police sketch artist to create a composite image of her attacker. She described him as being around twenty five years with a dark complexion round head almond shaped ause dark hair. A mustache and wearing all tagging metal framed glosses. The suspect sketch was circulated throughout Aruba but no identification were made a few ways light up the FBI presented Tracy with a photographic lineup. She identified her assailant immediately saying she was one hundred percent positive. It was right man in a bizarre coincidence at the Tom Tracy identified him. The suspect was already being held in custody. Eru for an expired visa. The police who were holding him run aware of his alleged involvement in the attack on Tracey Allen and that he was a potential person of interest in the Natalie Holloway. Investigation the full. Us authorities could question him. The suspect was released and immediately fled to Colombia. The theory that Natalie had been sold into the sex trade was a popular one with many suspecting. Yoron and the Kelly brothers or an unidentified kid NAPA had facilitated the transaction. There was stories of similar looking women who had been drugged in Aruba and salt to traffic is who transported them to Colombia Venezuela and surrounding Caribbean Islands.

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