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That is what happening. Reporting for Pacifica Radio News KPFK I'm Christopher Martinez, Democratic vice presidential nominee, Kamala Harris today suspended in person events until Monday. After two people is She added With a campaign tested positive for Corona virus, Joe Biden's campaign said today that Biden had no exposure, although he and Harris spent several hours campaigning together in Arizona on October 8th, Biden and Harris that both had multiple negative Covad test since them Paris had been scheduled to travel today to North Carolina and Friday to Ohio. The campaign said that Harris is communications director and a flight crew member tested positive after a recent Campaign trip. Despite protests from Hollywood stars, NBC stood fast to its decision to hold a town hall tonight with President Donald Trump at the same time that his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, has a similar event on ABC. Amy Schumer, Ben Stiller, Debra Messing, Sarah Silverman and Sterling Kay Brown were among the actors beseeching NBC to change the scheduling through a letter sent to network leadership today. The letter's signed by more than 100. Hollywood figures said NBC was enabling the president's bad behavior while undercutting the debate commission and doing a disservice to the public. The chair of NBC Universal News Group, So the network shared the frustration of critics of the dueling town halls. He said the decision was based on fairness and not on business considerations. Tonight was supposed to be the night of the second of three trump by debates. But after Trump tested positive for covert 19, the commission on president from in person to virtual Trump declined to participate with a candidate suddenly free on a night. They plan to debate each other. The network's jumped in with their own offers. Nick Harper reports. 8 P.m. is the time to tune in. But who tow watch Donald Trump tastes questions from voters in Miami on one channel, while Joe Biden does the same from Philadelphia on another The Poles. The president still trails his challenger, both nationally on DH in key battleground states on will be hoping the town hall will be a chance to try and turn things around and win over some undecided voters. I'm Nick Harper in Washington. More on the campaign from reporter Lily. Bulky, we're long overdue could break down the barriers that exist to accessing the ballot box, especially for people with turn or prior felony conviction. An estimated 5.2 million Americans can't vote in November, according to a new report from the sentencing project and black people are disproportionately impacted Secure. Cook directs the justice program at the Leadership Conference for Civil Rights. I should kind of no surprise that it's a tiny that aggressively polices and incarcerate black Americans at rates far greater than the rest of the population. Also different franchise of black Americans at far greater rate with 20 days ago, President Donald Trump and former vice President Joe Biden have dueling town Hall events tonight. Yesterday, NBC News faced criticism for scheduling one with Trump last minute after the president pulled out of the original debate in Miami. Trump objected when his recent covert diagnosis Debate commission to move the event on line by then went forward on his own. Yesterday, Trump rallied supporters in Iowa State. He won by almost 10 points in 2016, but recent polling shows him tied with fighting there. Jeff Link is with nonprofit focus on Rural America, the upper Midwest, the Heartland. The Grain Belt was supposed to be a place where Trump would plant his flag in this election cycle, and and he's having a very tough time defending states that he won Tomorrow. He's visiting Georgia, a rare campaign stop for Republican this close to Election Day. But a new Quinnipiac poll shows biting up six points in Georgia. Other recent polls show a smaller margin, but any leader significant, the state has voted Republican for president almost 30 years, George is also becoming younger and more diverse. Jerry Gonzalez with the Georgia Association for Latino Elected officials says Georgia had about 10,000 Latino voters when his organization launched 17 years ago. And now there are around 250,000. Latino electorate right now has the power to be able to decided competitive statewide race than many of the races here in Georgia are competitive from president to U. S. Senate to sheriff's races to Congress. President Trump tweeted support for the California Republican Party, which has so far refused to remove over 50 illegal ballot drop boxes they installed. Falsely labeled quote. Official misleading voters is wrong, regardless of who's doing it. Political parties and campaigns can engage and get out the vote efforts, but they cannot violate state law. California Secretary of State Alex Padilla issued a cease and desist order jointly with the California Justice Department, which goes into effect today. It's not clear what will happen to any balance left inside California allows people to deliver ballots for others, but the delivers must sign them. Officials believe the whole Exercise is an effort to undermine citizens trust in the election process. State Attorney General Javier Esposito instructed Californians to quote obey the law, not politicians from Pacifica Network and Public News Service. I'm really bulky things. Republican mega donor, Sheldon Edelson and his wife have given $75 million to a new Super Pac that's attacking Democratic nominee Joe Biden and investment made a mid Republican concerns that President Trump's campaign is flailing and might not be able to correct course. The money from Edelson has been the driving force behind his $68 million attack campaign against Biden by the group Preserve America, which launched in August. It's run by Chris Las Evita. The strategist behind the 2000 for Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth campaign, which helped tank than Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry's bit with misleading ads that questioned his record in the Vietnam War, the Edelson Sze role in preserve America's well a cz the amount of money both he and his wife, Miriam contributed were unclear. Until today, when the group filed its first mandatory disclosure with the Federal Election Commission thie creation of the group is a sign that some Republican donors are worried by the approach taken by Trump's campaign, as well as his officially sanctioned Super Political action Committee. America First Action Preserve. America came into existence at the end of a tumultuous summer in which Trump standing in polls took a hit over his handling of the Corona virus pandemic and the resulting economic downturn..

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