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Stolen car pursues play does not match the going on in the San Fernando Valley Driver, San Fernando Police. Copper has been Shaw channels Latest always been accident here. Look at this person driving like an absolute bad band. We are now. Wei. Don't use that tone with another car. And, uh, this is gonna be hard. Oh, he's really playing bumper cars moved after he realized that the place did not match the vehicle that was returning to they followed him Surely They let him try to pull him over. And that's when the pursuit initiated with this vehicle would not pull over and we've seen some really crazy speeds. Lots of tiny surface streets, guys right before you came to us, and this was actually you know, like I got a mention delicacies actually backed off quite a bit on this because coming back straight, not Shannon Fair looking for liquor store while the service area so she's with speed limits of 2020 Toasties hour after Restore to get that shot just went right around in an ambulance on a two lane street to get away moving, zigzag driver as we're on Glen Oaks coming to the silver bar area, really, really dangerous situation He has backed off. Just Jeff and Susie. Right here. Oh, he's not gonna make the right any idea. Nobody following him. He's still driving crazy. Others follow u Turn u turn u Turn basic just doing a complete three other you during our street. Oh, boy, that blue Timmy out. All right. Well, we are still on this pursuit. And this guy's going the street is pitch black. Couple of streetlights hard to see him, but he is driving erratically. They they sit on cake out nine that the the police vehicles had backed off because of the crazy way. This guy's driving, but he just did, too. U turns to make one full circle and there was a cop car behind him. He's in similar right now. And I'm thinking I should probably throw to myself a break. Should I do that, Eric? All right, my throat myself a break. Now, more news with you just hung a left right. Covert 19 testing sites in L. A county are still operating despite heavy smoke from nearby wildfires. We continue to monitor on a daily basis, air.

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