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Of modern america and europe when they had let let less of better ways of disposing pointedly of large numbers of dead uh th they didn't even believe and germs during the civil war how how did they get rid literally of tens of thousands of dead in various conflicts going back even before the civil war and i'd like to ask pointedly the remains were not treated properly in your estimation do you think this is where ghost come from and so far is the dad knock receiving their properties in depth they combat to us living and say we were treated grieve grievously and we would like to say to you in in the future this is guy a change we have always wondered how uh again enough for the audience they remembered the movie glory with denzel washington and matthew broderick their characters were killed at the end of the film and just thrown into a mass grave in your estimated gets certainly with without the the modern of impotence and operations of getting rid of large number one italy of corpses how how which that done so that very questions thank you very much against the break so i'll give you a good chance to answer on that before we have to do that richard shaw and he you write the great point that's a the truth is that there were many a temporary woke raise uh along the embassy that wrote on on various parts of the battlefield uh most within reinterpreted lay the time um many of them in the soldiers cemetery it gettysburg um but not all of them in their horrific stories of um usually the bodies of confederates because the victim has kept the field and they took care of the union debt fest of that body's just being cost between the rocks in devils dan and four months and years afterwards these these copes would would reappear they will be discovered um people walked around some months after the battle where um racks tight over their nose and mouth because of the stench of death does that play into the home i think it possibly could right and as we said before with jeff belanger his remarks rate that that ghosts her histories way of reminding us where we've been

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