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She has no idea the gravity of my situation like she's not going to be able to transfer transfer me into a car in my chair's going to fit in her little two door yellow car like she doesn't get how like paralyzed i am. I am like she. Maybe thinks i fully recovered like this is going to be a disaster disappoint her so i was my mind just went to not the optimistic side of thing and finally though we met public meeting spot and she never forget her just walking across the street coming towards me and my i'm pretty sure my jaw just drops. <hes> just thinking holy cow like this girl is beautiful like she. It was an amazing person. I can just tell like her heart and how beautiful she was on the inside and then seeing her in person was just like it was it was unbelievable. I call it love. At first i something i never believed them but when i saw her and just knowing who she was and i was in love right away yeah and sounds sounds like she kind of felt the same way although took a while for you guys to get to that place. Did you know she just got relationship. She wasn't actually looking for a relationship. There was like this curiosity john towards me and she she knew she wanna friendship and i wanted something more but you know i was also pretty guarded to not let my hopes like get crushed <hes> so things start out slowly but we just had an instant connection and just love being around each other talking to each other and things just kind of blossomed from there yeah so as you guys are getting closer and eventually into falling in love the backdrop to this is your also still. You're back in school. You know like you're you're working on the degree. You're doing academics and at the same time you're still working physically to to rehabilitate to recover to regain control and strengthened sensation. What's what's happening with the progress there while this is going on yeah so at this point. I'm still young undoing three hours a day on top of my school load <hes> just to walk across the stage in my college graduation that was that was my goal yeah and i told her about it and she she loved the idea and she actually came alongside became a personal trainer. Mine actually probably the best personal trainer i've ever had just pushing pushing me encouragement and doing extra things <hes> to get ready for this walk so <hes> you know i was walking the big walker and with someone like standing behind behind me kind of helping me with like the barrel i could take steps and slowly progressing. Why didn't need as much help. It used to be like any like three people like an army of people to to help me walk and support me in balance me and then it just went from three people. The two people helped me walk and then it was to one person in a walker and then it was just one person and just stripped away equipment and people as i went along yeah and and at the same time i mean when you and emily i met you aren't living in the same place no so she had to commute <hes> about two and a half hours each way to just to come see me and i couldn't drive live at the time so i had no way to go see her as she was always the one to come see me <hes> so there was also that distance that was challenging winging it also just a lot of the work load went on to her to to do the driving to help me get from place to place. I was scared to let her help me because puts you feel weak when sometimes when you ask for help <hes> but really there's there's more strength come out of asking for help than there is just keeping been inside and not asking so eventually able to slowly ask for more help and became even closer as a result yeah. Tell me more about who she s. Where her heart is yes emily has this passion is energy for helping kids who have come from rough..

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