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Tommy is changing so fast. It's hard to keep up. Visor stop is surging on positive travel in the age of Kobe. Some economists cautioned. Job gains will not be sustained. Give us just a minute of your time, and we'll bring you the latest on what's happening in the economy three times a day. I'll tell you what you need to know and why it matters all in 60 seconds. Just ask you're smart speaker to play the marketplace minute or find it wherever you get your podcasts. It's not out of control. I'm Dave Anthony Fox News at the White House Corona Virus Task Force doctor at World Red shirt, Wa says. If we all do our part, telling ABC ease this week, he really got to stop the bars. You've got a decreased restaurant capacity. You've gotta physically distance We have to have people wearing a mask in public. It's absolutely central mask requirements when I knew effect today in Louisiana and Michigan in place in 25 states now Florida not among them. It had a record surgeon cases over the weekend. Fox's Jeff Man also has more live they have a number of known cases of Corona virus in Florida rose by some 15,000 on Sunday, Governor Rhonda Santa says, in line with more people being tested in the state tests 200,000 people at a 3% rate.

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