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Haaretz and wine at global news 24 hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm sandra kilholf this is bloomberg caroline picky similar santa now the us paid onto auction one hundred seventeen billion dollas worth of debt in just a few hours yesterday three and sixmonth bills in terms of air yield sold at levels law seen in two thousand an eight two year yield this morning to point to sixty percent so the us yield curve he's steve playing at the treasury in america basically how to hold back because of the debt seething drama and now they're busy ramping up issuance so what does it mean for global markets diana a who is fixed income portfolio manager jp morgan asset management joins us this morning now i know you have something of an em specialty but this is the big the big piece in the markets this morning and indeed this week as we get this deluge of debt issuance and we do see yields steepen aing how did you see the the auction yesterday what was your perspective how well did it go the bit cut to come rachel was good yes i think that is indeed the big question for markets where we have seen this repricing in us rates happening over the last six weeks or so with very limited impact two of the market so imagine markets had held up quite well as had the rest of the globe i think what we saw yesterday was quite decent demand especially around the two years section a two and a quarter i think he makes investors actually look at that again where you get you get a decent peak up for very little duration risk we've not seen us interest rates so interest rate differentials as a big drive of asset prices but i suspect who might be getting to a point where for the in the very near term that could provide some support for the dollar do fingers story will stay the same for the rest of the recoba folks are looking your thursday for instance and by auction of five and sevenyear bonds do you think the story might be different than than it was yesterday i suspected will be somewhat different for the longer end of the cubs whereas we extend towards the five and seventy pot investors will be much more conscious of the fact that this.

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