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By the way, it's 97.1 Wash. FM produced care to come on in here to gather around. They asked adults what they thought was the best part about getting older and the number one answer was having a lot of life experience. Producer Kayla 25 would you agree to look back on my two decades of knowledge, probably realizing that no one else knows what they're doing either Think something about that is so comforting because, you know, a couple weeks ago I was talking about like, what do I do with my life? And I talked to a lot of adults that are a lot older than me, and they're like, I don't know. I'm like a whole thing. God, so I'm not in this by myself. That's a good one. Liberating to feel that way when you realize that everybody else is kind of in the same boat and you're like, OK, I got this. No chili, Um are you you know what else is liberating The older you get, the less you care about what other people think. I'm like, I really don't care. You give zero You know what's the older you get mad? It feels good to be able to get to that place. Until be what would it be for you Lately? I've been working on this with my therapist. It's the idea that you learn with time and age that you don't live to work. You work so that you can live And then eventually you embrace that, and it stops just becoming like a mantra or something. You see on the Internet of things is a motivational phrase. You actually realize you know what I'm doing all of this stuff that I'm doing so that on the weekends I can go do what I want to do, Or I can go on a holiday weekend to do what I want to do. And by the way, I don't have to answer to anybody. Do I torture myself during the week? Sure, but I choose to do that. So I can have this freedom that comes from working so that I could live. Welcome to church. Everybody. It's a Friday morning edition column Lou you his. We get into the holiday weekend. That's right Now, if you're listening to all of this, and you're having a eureka moment and you're realizing you know what? Yes, there are things about getting older that are amazing. We wanna hear from you. So call us and 866927 43 61 or text That's your thoughts. Put the word wash first in spew away and send it our way rates to apply. What is it that you think is the best part of getting older? We'll talk about it on this Friday as we get into the holiday weekend, and it's Toby and chilly in the morning continues on 97.1, Wash. FM traffic..

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