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So highly in a welcome to control delete thanks for coming on as a guest well thank you for having me i wanted to start off just by asking you before we get into oversee all of the amazing what keeping doing with your new product natural cycles which has been everywhere i fail i've seen it all over my instagram and on the news and it's very exciting time by just wanted to ask you a festival slow to way you started out in your career what got you into working so in the sciences but also in tech well i'm originally a particle physicists so this may be not the most usual route but i really always wanted to become a physicist since i was five years old then what's fascinated with you know the universe in black holes and own that's so i studied physics and i did a phd in particle physics and then i continued doing research the discern laboratory out switzerland and was there there was part of the hicks discovery which led to a nobel prize in physics for the addition said predicted the hicks in two thousand and thirteen and it was around that time that i was kind of feeling that's okay i managed to discover a particle while i do now so then i was considering for the first time actually leading particle physics emphasis not really sure what to do next but a few months earlier add stopped using hormonal contraception because i want to give my body a break before i eventually wanted to get pregnant and i had been you know researched the uncouple what kind of other methods psychic use in the meantime and i hadn't found any goods product out there but i did discover that actually your body temperature changes throughout your menstrual cycle something known for long wellstudied but i had no idea before so that was kind of a bit of a revelation for me yet.

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