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Calling for racial justice and a huge. Thanks to our favorite person on the show danny martinez for commissioning. This a mini sewed on batmans planning. And i am joined by the lovely cara. Hello kara are you hello to you. I am so excited for some batman's blading. Well i'll let you get right into it all right so so. Let's let's orient our listeners. Te'o what's like your range of bat knowledge. Are you abet van. I am not I do not read. I have read batman comics. Here and there. But i am by and large not a batman reader. I have seen and loved i mean. Let's be honest. The batman movies from like the late eighties early nineties. So the like burton. One is my favorite obviously with how you felt like and even even the lake you know neon raver nineteen ninety s a nightmare with jim carey as ridler like even that one. I have a certain fondness for..

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