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Decline Zillow wants to make buying a new home and selling an existing one is easy is trading in a car the real estate listing website has inked partnerships with multiple home builders that will allow home buyers who buy a newly constructed home from one of the builders to sell their current house directly to Zillow's I buying armadillo offers the program will only be available in the markets where Israel offers operates by mid twenty twenties ello expects of launching low offers in twenty six cities that's your money now Jennifer could Shinko komo news still today going on Wall Street the Dow hundred sixty seven and a half points into positive territory to that twenty six nine eighty seven overall the nasdaq is up a sixty seven points to eight thousand six and the S. and P. five hundred again of eighteen and three quarters to twenty nine eighty that's your propellants Durrance business update since eleven fifty one veterans do you know your options for transportation services in the Puget Sound area vets dash go dot com a service of hope link is a new centralized online resource to help improve the mobility of veterans active duty service members and their families in the central Puget Sound region featuring a ride a search tool that links to over seventy public and private transportation services including specialized transportation that's go will help you discover your best transportation options to learn more visit vets dash go dot com dear John I'm leaving uncontrolled high blood pressure is serious and I can quit whenever I want what can we get back to when you checked on me I don't want to leave but remember when I quit you quit sincerely your heart listen to your heart don't let it quit on you high blood pressure can lead to. a stroke heart attack or death get yours to a healthy range today find out how it hard dot org slash blood pressure a message from the American heart association the American stroke association and the ad council the.

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