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It brings other folks that are Hall of Famers. Real close, but I mean, you're talking. You're rubbing elbows with guys like been Scully or Jim Palmer. Who I mean. Yeah. You just go on the name. I mean, they're always there. It's a pretty exclusive club mean. It is, and it's really cool, just just to have that kind of back and forth, You know, I mean, I remember growing up watching Johnny bench and Pete Rose and Tony Perez when I was a kid. And have him come in the booth and say, cowboy. What's up? Give you a hug, You know, big handshake and you're thinking Is this really happening? Right exactly till we wake me up If I'm dreaming. Don't wake me up if I'm dreaming. Well, cowboy have a wonderful rest of the season. It's great that you took time out to talk to us this morning. We appreciate it and how we looking. You're pretty pleased with the documentary is being Marty's partner for all these years, right? Yes, I am. I think I think it is definitely worth ofyou for anybody that loves the rest. Alright, Fantastic. Thank you, Cowboy. Actually, we have the cowboy coming back up with his normal segment here. At the top of the show in just a few minutes and then Bill Cunningham among Bill's guest, Brad, Rent Wind strip. Who has lots of views on what's being said on the Not the stage of the DNC Convention of Virtual stage. As a Democrat. National convention continues from Somewhere. It's based in Milwaukee. No, This is the question I would have to ask. Brad Wind strip or anybody else who's ever been to a political convention. Think about Jimmy. Think about this the detriment to Milwaukee's economy. We're not having a large group of people there. The hookers. Are not going to make the money they normally would make it a political convention because there's really virtually no one there. Bill Cunningham right after the cowboy the roundup next on 700 wlw. Boy, you are heading off for a family. Get away! Nothing like a dead patient. So where you going? Going? Coming down to see the flying saucer have got my camera ready, Ritzy, but it's under Georgetown to see.

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