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Star on the rise. Don't know if this will happen immediately, but I do think that he'd be one under consideration. Maybe Mark Schmidt, at saint bonaventure. Another name. Those are four. But the name that I actually think is going to get it. And I've seen the chat right now. God bless the chat. Brad Stevens the butler. I'm actually Brad Stevens is not going to be one of my 5 names. I was going to throw it in. I really was. Brad Stevens is not one of the 5 names, although you want to talk about an all time stunner. Stunner. Not Brad Stevens. Jeff bulls at Ohio. I talked to a few sources. Here's what actually is going to happen. That mata, I think my transition into the athletic department because there's been some buzz about fad mata, would he be the guy to get the butler job. Actually, I think there's a good chance that he transitions to work four butler when I was the head coach and then bowls was a former assistant under Thad matta, Jeff bulls is your next head coach at butler. That's my guess as of today. To me, and then talking to sources, he would be the leading candidate to get the butler job. We'll see what plays out over the next day or two, four, 5, 6 days. It's certainly going to be pretty interesting. Before we get to all American teams, any other thoughts on Jeff bulls any other candidates on the butler job as the news breaks here on Friday. It's had already took my Brad Stevens dropped. I guess he's probably comfortable what he's doing with the Celtics. I can't imagine he'd leave. And also there's no chance. But gosh, I love the Brad Stevens chatter. Just never ends. Exactly. Fantastic. Listen, the chat is not exactly eager on the laval stuff. It's breaking news and I'm giving you Intel. What else do you want from me? We will talk final four and we will talk matchups. But I also want to talk about our all American teams, our player of the year, because this is a Friday show, and you know.

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