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My name is beaumont he jones thanks for listening on espn radio and the sp an app august join us on the shelf pencilled form is on thanks to bruce bowen for joining us last segment also does the last day i will be hosting the right tom on the radio if he has a story about quitting play football that's how your parents had to check you share of the stores we got people like to called in with the video games cheat all year whatever you gabon this is your day because we got that much else to talk about any way i'll the law with us right now check about the undefeated dot com also the voting rolls on espn radio starting back in january his name is dominic vosper dominique right vasser you akobe guy oh yeah i mean i i think i didn't love kkob like like them don't wanna be michael kobi but i enjoyed the second half look career kobe the kind of honest kkob the nasty kobe that was fun so uh the retirement ceremony last night with enjoyable or not retirement the jersey retirement ceremony uh you enjoyed it i mean i didn't watch it to be honest with you glimpse in and it made me happy he seemed like a happy man family kids i'm here for all that we don't need to talk ball other things that his life don't tell me boston with you here on the right time so you also need to on steel space use gay man would you come away with yeah i i mean i i got a lot of hate um tweets from steelers fans because when i was watching the game i noticed that if the steelers first touch barrels they had three almonds of lime in still illegally when they threw four touchdown pass so i just thought it was ironic that we're all flipping out about how the um what is the catching woods would is in a catch at the end we jesse james uh was up in the air and steelers fans are saying they should have won that game but early and again you kinda guy gift to the test touchdown that's not to say they do.

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