Hillary Clinton, Vice Chief Of Naval Operations, Congressman discussed on CBS Weekend Roundup


The rational it's not a joke voitey we shy of keating langkow says kim jonghoon wants nuclear weapons so his regime can't be overthrown by the us with help from south korea north korean weapons programme expert daniel pinkston as very clear what they want is to achieve the final of victory which means unifying korea on their terms secondly it means expelling the united states from the region and they continue to develop strategies every day to achieve those goals none of the experts we've talked to believe that north korea would make a preemptive strike on the us or one of its allies but the big question is what is the us now do if north korea keeps launching missiles over japan ben tracy cbs news so we learned more about the two deadly navy ship collisions this year thursday date during a hearing in congress congressman rob wittman heads a subcommittee on seapower i think we can all agree that our nation failed these seventeen sailors the general accounting office is john pendleton said part of the problem is not enough ships i don't know what specifically caused the accident but i do know the navy is caught between an unrelenting operational demand and a limited supply ships so much so some ships are being certified admiral bill morad vice chief of naval operations which or give us all pause for just so hard we're driving the crews and served with fleet cami mccormick cbs news the pentagon hillary clinton is defending herself and attacking her own party in her upcoming book more from correspondent ansi quarters in sometimes biting new book first obtained by cnn clinton argues she was done in in part by an unhealthy thick satian on her marriage her health and her emails what makes me such a lightning rod for fury i'm really asking i met a loss she writes 'if think it's partly because i'm a woman clinton admits it was bad optics to get highly paid speeches in the runup to the race and she admits she and her team misread mood of the country i was running a traditional presidential campaign with carefully thought out policies and painstakingly built cold listens while trump was running a reality tv show that expertly in relentlessly stoked americans anger and resentment is so good trust primary opponent bernie sanders.

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