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So what are the big Florida stories yesterday, which I know you guys covered this Florida police officer who was suspended for allegedly playing Barry white while leading an arrested couple smoke and make out in the back of his patrol car. Very nice at the deputy. But very nice not exactly appropriate conduct to me. Berry. Whites is not the best option for a situation. Like that. It's not the worse. It's it's not the worst. But his voice is epic. But to me, it's also distracting. You see what I'm saying? You know, if you're trying to set the mood like if Barry White's playing in the background. I would be thinking Barry white because his voice is just like. Yeah. But I. Feel that about a lot of. I think I think other artists kind of blend in a little bit more with the mood. Barry, white really stands out to me that wouldn't be my go-to. God's voice. Exactly. Right. Right. So what I wanted to get a sense of here in the room is what would if you were this patrol car officer. Okay, veer if you were this police officer, and in the couples in the back of your patrol car, and you're going to let them make out for a little bit. Again, you shouldn't do it. But you'll get suspended. But but if you were to what would your go to song for the Cup, easy easy? What they just were arrested. Right. They were just arrested. They're about to get it on a little bit. Yeah. You're you're going to let them apparently not placing them in seatbelts and their place in them in handcuffs..

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