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John on this show. He's ordinary who is john. Gordon is amazing aging so he i mean he works with clemson football right so national championship clemson versus alabama one year we get them and then he gets us the next he works. Explore also does work with the rams. He does the dodgers no he's actually a speaker and a writer and then so he'll he'll just do speaking and then he'll work with the coaches and things of that nature the behind the scenes which is a lot of my work as well but i remember when he and is he's been my mentor since two thousand and eight see i told everybody this is not an overnight story so we meet in two thousand resonate two thousand nine he comes to saint louis and me and a couple of guys who are also speakers we filled at four hundred people at the chase park. Plaza hotel and i'm all fired up my first time hi. My mentor is ever going to have the opportunity to hear me. Speak live right so all of a sudden i get done speaking and i feel like i brought it right. I'm so energized and i run up to john john. How did i do you had an idea and he's like ben. We talk and i'm like what like what and he says. Your message is awesome. Your message is on point but he's like brother. You you are serious as a heart attack. He's like you gotta just relax. He's like it's okay to smile on the stage. It's okay to have fun. It's okay to tell jokes it and it was like it was the first time it was just like. Just go be you and now if i'm on camera. I'm getting me right and sometimes by energy by too much for just just going to get me. You're not. I'm not going to pretend to be somebody else going to get me and i needed that from. My mentor and i think sometimes people. Are you know they're so tense trying to find something. Just go be you. You and i was so blessed and thank still to this day. He helps me with things like that right. He keeps me humble. Keeps me hunger just like my wife doesn't matter where i go. I come home. She's like honey that guinea pig change take the dog out. You gotta take the trash out. I want to do with jackie. Mason jason is he's like this like old shocks. Yummy makes these funny jokes all the time like he just he made this joke many many years ago and i still think it's hilarious where he's like. The big businessman is they see oh come a thousand employees and everywhere. He walks around. Yes mr yesterday mr whatever you want it comes home and you open the door for its dinner and he and his wife is like you stupid schmuck garbage that hilarious anyway. I guess it's one hundred percent true exactly like you're exactly like you have people who also keep you a check and keeps you humble and keep you in that place. That's why i'm a real dude. I'm a dad. I'm a friend. I want to be the best husband i can be. I'm not giving motivational speeches on the table after dinner exactly. I'm trying to learn what it's like to be a great dad. It's everybody just going to be you. Show up and be you in life. And why wouldn't you wanna. Show up and give your best everyday absolutely and speaking of best..

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