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It was played on a friday night friday night in october october. Friday nights in texas are football nights right so the games on friday night. It's our opening night. Game building is sold out. We're actually at six thousand people in this building and it's friday night. Analogy is football building full period. One end sir. It's a great great game. It's close. We're going to the second period. The second period ends nyerere. Watch the crowd. And we see a lot of people getting to the exit doors or thinking. Each other gs a lot of guys. They're leaving ruling and we realized he it was halftime. Game is over there leaving so we quickly get everybody that we can together. We run outside tried to stop. Lost a thousand fifteen hundred people that we couldn't get back into the building because they thought the game was over. But that was one of the ones we always. We always talk about so many others that many other stories but that was one i well. The next time we cross paths with browder. Jim tra- living will off to cornerman. Squeeze a couple more but wreck before religio. We've gotta talk about your days. Coaching ten tech. The nights and time spent with i guess both ray ferraro end. He reminded me. That you know brent hall was part of the the night's organization at one point as well you know. Yeah the favorite race story. Because i mean you're talking about great for sixteen seventeen at that. Time was a sixteen year old. I can think of one really quick and it's not necessarily race specifically but in those years we had a tremendous rivalry with colona so clone. A bucket reuss penticton knights. I mean that was bloodthirsty in those days. I mean the games were savages. Ray will remember and and we had a pretty tough team. A pretty good. And i always remember this game. The game is going. And it's it's intense rivalry and one end of the rink. Rafer goes into the corner to get the puck. And tommy martin the infamous tommy martyn. Who was traded for a bus later on in seattle to victoria. Whatever dougie martin hammers from behind backwards just hammers him and he didn't have penalty now. Tommy martin remembers. There's a few tough guys on penticton team. So ray goes down. Referees armed goes up pardons or the penalty box and he's going to the penalty box. He's not staying on the is waiting for someone to fight or to stand over top rates going to the to the penalty box. And i can't remember ray whether it was ken. Car or berry. They're coming and they go right over the top of the penalty box right into the penalty. Box with martin. Listen say we have all made him in the building but did they get any of that era. you got most of. It's the one the one thing you might have left out a. It was both berry. Huber and ken carpark wasn't one it was both and to was was berry new the linesmen because he was just a couple of years older and berry can trying to convince them to let them go and eventually bury somehow got loose. And there's a picture cozy i have it. You can see the the guys in the penalty box. They're volunteers are working the penalty. Box store and hugues berry. Uber is in the penalty. Box car parks around the other side there in the box. They've got a call mark cornered in there and bussey. Who's become a good friend. He's in there fighting for his life. And that was that was one of our adventures in cologne. It was a tiny little bandbox old style building and man. It was wild and cozy. Was you know look ricksen..

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