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Welcome. Alex. Welcome Sandra Assan. Thank last day, New York City. No. I'm very excited. I know you know, what actually I heard close to the mic when you I heard, you know, I listened to the podcast when he talked about the lipstick the Macklowe. Yeah. And I really thought it was one of the I loved it. Like, that's when I fell in love with both of us because it was just like so Reverend fund like you talked about it. 'cause you're like so this. So this girl, she's got lipstick. She's the beauty director of glamour like does. This mean, we all have our own lips. Thanks, and I was like, yes. And I just I thought it was so fun. I loved it. So we're in MAC hasn't called yet. Sure. What happened? I don't do. Not get the message. I don't know. But I mean, I'm so glad that you're here. We've kind of you know, we've been following you. I've been watching your moves. And then when I saw you had this bit. We'll talk about the big splashy primer thing in the second. But anyway, let's start at the beginning. I love about you. What I really love about. You is. I can't stand beauty editors that kind of act. Like, this whole thing was just like it's just so weird hop in like, you know, fell into beauty or like they act like it's the phase they're going through or it's just a journalist. But then they write about lately. Very soon. Not that you're not a serious person. But there's kind of this thing that physically self hating beauty editor, and, you know, have always love beauty, and you've really embrace it, and you can tell how much you're joying it. Yeah. I love it. I remember when I was growing up, you know. I was my grandmother, which was a fashion designer like in Austria. But like more, you know, back in the day. It was more like like a boutique kind of custom make clothes for ladies who can afford it, basically. And I used to spend a lot of time with her when I was young all my summers. My parents were travelling, and I remember sitting on the floor with old seamstresses, and they had only talion Vokes and Paris votes, and I would kind of the hard stuff. Okay. I, but I mean, you know, I was kind of look through. But for me, I was always more of like on the plump side. You know, it was never really a skinny girl. And so I couldn't really identify with the models in terms of the fashion. But the faces was always something that I just always gravitated. I knew I liked you. That's that's one of the main reasons I got so into BDO's very alienated by fashioned though. I loved fashion I thought maybe for second. I'd be a fashion designer, Jen. And I we talked about fashion plates. This was like an American toy. But beauty was always so much more. Democratic to me so inviting going that's exactly what I say. I say exactly the same thing. I think it's way more democratic and also then I remember as teenager. I would I wouldn't have like like Rockstars on my walls or whatever posters. I would literally rip out. Stay Lauder ads. You know, those black and white ones Pollino early and know the Polina purse Ogle, I show my age now. But yeah, I love I love those. And then I remember just have that on my wall. And and I I don't know. I just my granny also had this beautiful dressing table. I don't know if your grandmothers had those amazing dressing tables like the three way mirror. I wish I had more of those. And and she had all the like the Rubinstein's and the Chanel number five such number five that the time when you still had a signature fragrance, I love that. And I would watch her do her makeup. And she's the first person who got me into skin care. So she when I was thirteen ish. She got me like a clinic. Three step. And she was like the soap in the sliding trae. Yes. And the and the chara obviously now, you know, I wouldn't use because the alcohol but five day back in the day. It's what I had in them. And I love the lotion. And I remember that was like my three that was kind of my entry into it gateway skin cat. And the thing is I it was always that. I would buy all the alerts..

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