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Sell and they sold it to actually a partnership of northern water and lerma county. And so it's gonna be a great deal in that we're going to have space. For a reservoir larimer county is going to be able to build some open space and recreation for the reservoir and this is going to be something that communities like greeley. This will really help. Shore up their water supplies to firm those water supplies for decades become all right so you have the groundbreaking for chimney hollow reservoir again. A ninety thousand acre foot reservoir This past friday. Do you expect to anymore. Well for lack of a better term. Hitching your giddy out when it comes to getting this project completed because how many times jeff have we talked. And i used to talk as i reference your predecessor brian. I mean it's been decades and it seems like it moves forward and i understand. There's there's a lot of elements involved. There's a lot of surveys. There's a lot of studies approvals involved. But i have to wonder okay. We've had the groundbreaking. So does that mean. It's a done deal. That means we have permits in hand. we reached a settlement with There was a group who was who had sued the federal government over them issuing a permit and we reached a settlement with them. And so now. It's just a matter of i can you right now that the contractor is onsite. They are rare into go They are right now. Getting ready to start so you don't just wake up one morning and say i'm going to build a dam so you know you have to get in the construction trailers put into place and and doing all that sort of pre construction work and we anticipate by the middle of this month that they're going to be starting to build a dam and yeah all systems are go. This is. this is why we worked so hard that you toil and you have patience and then you have something that you can build and get done so this is a good..

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