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Presented by climate power education fund does big oil care about our streets flooding or our home burning not according to an exxon mobil top lobbyists. Did we aggressively bite against Some of the science. Yes you know. We were looking out for our shareholders. Take care about profits. Not people learn more at polluters dot exposed all right perfect so Tell me a little bit. More about yourself. where you from while you do now and Was your favorite thing about southern california. Yeah thanks good to be with you. I'm i'm like. I don't know how many generation of admiral pastor am but there's several generations behind me and i grew up in walla walla Walla walla university. Church was my home church where i was baptized into and grew up loving and appreciating that community and Yeah i had the opportunity to work in the northwest for thirteen years as a pastor and ten of those almost at the university church and wonderful Good memories and then in the last. I don't know like probably about a year ago. Now or a year ago in january Got the opportunity to sort of evaluate The possibility of making a change in my wife patient i we. we Felt called to move to southern california. So i'm pastoring as the lead pastor at the redlands administer ch- in redlands california. Which is i didn't know this but it's At the time when they call that new idea where redlands was but It's just up the road from loma linda. Maybe a couple of miles So as part of you know in the inland empire and yeah we're we're we're enjoying it. It's a new and crazy and fun and beautiful and doing well enjoying meeting new people and ministry new context and yeah life is good. That's awesome. I'm glad to hear that Do they were talking about your podcast and kind of like projects that you're doing and your podcast is called behind the sermon. Correct right in the sermon in the sermon. In no behind this behind this irving gave me. You're right. Yes so behind the sermon. And you know. Walk us through what you know what happened you know. Why did you decide to start this. Podcast yeah Well i I've been for thirteen years. Like i mentioned..

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