Russia, Joe Stalin, France discussed on Monocle 24: The Briefing - Wednesday 18 October


Fit the universe at the film without feeding like it's making a point of being russian is more incidents of they just happens to be set in russia and 1950 free rather than forcibly putting in things that people recognize eyes russian see so have shots at the kremlin enough for example but you don't feel like we're being sign posted as this is not kremlin you're in russia now but it's just trying to post up out of the research to make it feel real that's the thing the incredible about the story in what was going on his very macabre very dog grotesque society that they had the unloaded things where you'll go on i was so glad you made that up actually no that genuinely happened the film starts with bill orchestra playing on the right joe stalin wants the recording they hunger recording they have to milk the doors to stop the origins leaving the conductor is so fruitful and panicky the he policies outs they needs ganga now the conductor and this all happened in in france in reality the second could not so was too drunk so that's got third could not so so is actually meal ridiculous than we have in the film you might look at the film and think that is just hilarious but offer it's based on truths david schneider owns visa fellows go royces off the death of stalling which arrives in a cinema said this week they were speaking to monaco's been roman tune in to the full addition off the cinema sir later today that he says it's when 200 london time mid day in san francisco and thus awful these sedition off the briefing it was produced by reese james and researched by henry sheridan and unissued elena our studio managed was george mcdonough the briefing is back tomorrow at the same time meanwhile do you remember to join its midwest's for today's edition of me dory house that he's alive us 1800 london time 1300 in new york or your motto sleeping thank you for listening and by for now.

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