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Hi was at there are older Riina downtown, and it was during when when the circus was in town have been like ten years ago and they, you know. So they were doing there couple of weeks of shows and I, I was there for something and we were in the back hallways. Yeah, you know, if you've ever been to an arena, like, you know, obviously there's, there's like a pretty wide hallway back to the locker room or load in or whatever, and they had to. That's where they stored the elephants. Oh, man. During the day. The elephants just stock in the hallway. Yeah. In in the early nineteen hundreds fighting and endangered species with the barstool in a bull. Web seemed like an acceptable form of entertainment. Thankfully, we live in a more enlightened time. I remember when they banned the elephants stuff from the circus because that was probably seven or eight years ago and then and then there's just like the people's appetite of entertainment just change. It was almost a SeaWorld black moment. You know, just kind of like we don't like this anymore and then boom, and they just went out of business. Have you forgotten to ride on an elephant? I've always wanted to do that. I've never zoo and stuff like that. And you did. Then. At the zoo? Yeah. The Sanford zoo in north. When I growing up, they had a elephant exhibit school every morning. You could pay five bucks. When you wrote elephants elementary. Sit on top. You have a very long pole with a string peanut on it. Direction you want in the Middle East cable times. Have you done that? Now? I've sat on, but I didn't like an Israel, but I really, I didn't see pictures of people in Mike Thailand and that kind of stuff who get to ride elephants. It's a slow lumber. Yeah, I. Friendly. They seem like they're happy to know ya. I don't know. I just think they'd be friendly. Here's thing. I'm not comfortable writing any animal. I don't. I don't. The eighty. You know, I'd rather walk by the I've heard and I'm not a horse person, but I've heard that like, you know, you know, there's certain dogs that are bred for like hunting. They need to do that in their DNA type of courses are like that with like people want for recent Safra ethical reasons, ethical problem with back riding riding, whatever for transportation. Control. I like knowing that this is a while animal and if he wanted to freak out, I just know if I was a wild animal at one point when once they thought they had me prequel guy, he's giving rise all over town. Don't get too comfy with me, and I'd buck somebody or take him on a real wild ride. Six straight hours around too..

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