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Is that let me I'm just pointing out the fact with why it was so brilliant because it wasn't. It was just so an expected in so great in so many ways, and then he said that he has always wanted to for a very long period of time. Had in his mind away to explore those kinds of social issues through horror, and that he had a bunch of ideas, lined up in us was the next one that he had lined up. Let me just give you a few details because I want you to get excited about this aisle. I'm excited. I'm I'm afraid. I'm actually trying to lower the bar and say success is seventy five percent of get out coming out March twenty nineteen it centers around two couples one black and one white black. Couple is played by a Winston Duke from he played IMB AKU and Black Panther in lupita. New ongo is the the woman in that couple in the white couple is Elizabeth moss. So white and speaking of white or no, Tim hi decker tell Hidaka he's white to Tim. Hi, decker of Tim, and Eric. Yeah. As the plays the boyfriend or husband, I don't know that I'd forgotten this in that's amazing. I mean, he took a dramatic turn in a movie that I didn't see that. I read about I can't remember what it's called stood in a very tight alley with Tim Heidegger one time for the mythical show. Remember that tight alley. Yeah. That was. They really slathered on the awkwardness in I could barely take it. But I I didn't I didn't I didn't crumble the comedy was the name of Tim's movie. Was ironically, titled and not only that Duke Nicholson, his Jack Nicholson's twenty two year old grandson is making his acting debut in this movie. What? Yeah. Jack Nicholson's grandson Nicholson's a great name you get excited about this sounds like an inventor like a guy like a Ron Popo kind of like. And now another. Vegetable cutting device from the mind of Duke Nicholson is also an actor. Yeah. Well, anyway, I'm super excited about it. I do realize that I do agree with you that the chances that it can't it just can't be if it was if it was as good as get out it. It. The argument is this the argument for those of you who care about this. I've heard this are Michael Rapaport make this argument about why LeBron can never be as good as Jordan. Okay. And that is because Michael Jordan changed the game. So significantly that no one else unless they're like from a different planet can change the game in the way that Jordan did. So he literally changed everything about the game. Now, all of a sudden people had their own shoe and people had their own brand. And he played completely differently. He introduced things that seemed other worldly to the game that. Lebron can only add onto so in a one on one match. Sure. Maybe LeBron would be Jordan who we can't really. We don't know. But he can't like so what we do know. But this this stage. It was set for Jordan come in make for Jordan domino. Another Jordan de mean to say that Jordan Peele to make this movie in a way that he can't replicate. The like you said the unexpected success. So now, it's just like is it going to be as good? So it actually has stand. Great chance to be a better movie. But even it has to be twice as good which is impossible right in order to be actually better. I think about the m night Shalah Mun six cents being followed up by breakable, which I really like unbreakable. You know, it was kind of a shame because I really liked it for it to come out after six cents, which I haven't seen. You're what you're joking. Right. You missing six. You're joking. That's a joke. I know you haven't seen a lot of movies, but you've seen since I missed that one. You missed that one. I it was kind of a Blair witch kind of situation. No it wasn't. Yeah. What what do you mean? By that. I don't know. Why didn't see it? I saw unbreakable though, I tried to catch out. I see in the next one. And I really liked it because you know, I really liked it because I haven't seen six cents but six cents didn't weird eighties time in a weird situation. And I didn't get any what was happening..

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