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Mr Barrett and I WANNA. Thank Richard for hanging out with me again last night co hosting Mister Barone I gave our final thirty second thoughts on the night both of US Gr-. Greed a phenomenal night for Christian Americans for just good people. Year, we were moved to tears by the story. Of the surviving wife of chief, Dorn of Saint Louis who has murdered one of those be l. m. antifa riots after he. Responded to a friend WHO's pawnshop is broken into and his wife and Dorn just gave I don't know how you could be dried I'd after that and then the parents of beautiful little Kayla. Murphy got up there and told their story about how the Obama Administration had refused to let them negotiate with isis to try and free their daughter by paying the ransom. By the by this is a part of the history of Christendom their entire. Orders. In the old world I'll just give you one example, the Mersa Darrien what are the Mercer? Darrien. Do they raised gold and silver coins? To Ransom Christians who were captured by Muslims either on land or on. CNN. Pressed into slavery, the Mercer Darrien would go and would buy their freedom and if they couldn't buy their freedom would offer themselves in exchange. So there's a very long just history with a capital. So a member member that the parents of James Foley, the journalist also tried. Wanted to negotiate with Isis and trying to buy their sons freedom and save his life, an Obama and Biden intervened. So we heard from Dorn Mrs Dorm are from the parents of Kayla Murphy We heard for What's her name is Stacey Mon- She was. Twenty, three years in prison. For a drug charge. There was part of the Biden crime reform. Bill. Over Crime Act. Of Nineteen Ninety four, the one he runs around and boasts and brags about. She was sentenced to life in prison. For being involved in a a drug deal. And when trump harder story he partner, he commuted her sentence and she got out after twenty three years and she got up and she gave a rousing. Rousing Talk. Last night we have highlights of all this, but I wanna take you to what happened. After. The president's speech ended the applause came up. Mr Barrot and I said. Goodbye and nights. See You tomorrow for free phone Friday and the fireworks went up and this is what happened after the fireworks. This is Christopher. Macho a world famous opera singer Singing Alleluia Jeff Beck's I'll do..

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